WWE Statistics Rewritten: Riyadh breaks a record in New York

WWE Statistics Rewritten: Riyadh breaks a record in New York
WWE Statistics Rewritten: Riyadh breaks a record in New York

Maybe not everyone has made it a local mind, but among the many effects of Super ShowDown, there is a rather significant one that concerns the Universal title, namely one of the two most important titles currently assigned to Stamford (together with the historic WWE Championship).

By beating The Fiend in Riyadh, in fact, not only did Goldberg become the first absolute champion to become after being introduced into the Stamford WWE Hall of Fame, but he also allowed Riyadh to obtain an interesting record: the capital of the Saudi Arabia since last Thursday is in fact the city where a new Universal Champion has most often wins.

This absolute title, as many will remember, was introduced in 2016 following the new WWE Brand Extension and was assigned to Raw due to the victory at Battleground of that year by Dean Ambrose, who kept his belt in a Triple Threat who saw him opposite Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns took it to SmackDown.

As a result, the red show presented the new Universal Championship, which was awarded for the first time at SummerSlam 2016 with Finn Bàlor’s victory over Seth Rollins. The event was held in New York, to be exact in Brooklyn, which then became the first and only city in the world where a WWE Universal Champion had graduated.

Already eight days later, in Raw, another one was elected: it was Kevin Owens, who became champion in Houston. Subsequent title changes then occurred in Milwaukee (Fastlane 2017, where Goldberg dethroned KO) and Orlando (home of WrestleMania 33 and Brock Lesnar’s victory over Da Man).

All these cities shared the privilege of having a new Universal Champion, with New York and Brooklyn which, however, regained the primacy at SummerSlam 2018, when Roman Reigns beat Lesnar to look at all the other cities from above finding themselves in share 2.

Already on the following November 2, he entered the Riyadh cauldron, given that at Crown Jewel. The champion Lesnar returned to the defeating Braun Strowman for the title made vacant by Reigns. Since then there have been title changes in East Rutherford (New Jersey), Philadelphia and Toronto.

The last two, however, always happened in Riyadh: at Crown Jewel 2019 (with the Fiend’s victory over Seth Rollins) and now at Super ShowDown 2020. Riyadh, therefore, reached 3, compared to the two in Brooklyn and the other cities in whose title has changed hands all at odds of 1.

Further proof of how much trade agreements with Saudi Arabia are weighing on the balance of WWE in recent years.

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