WWE Monday Night Raw Results: March 23, 2020

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: March 23, 2020
WWE Monday Night Raw Results: March 23, 2020

On the program for this episode of Monday Night RAW, the presence of WWE champion Brock Lesnar, team wrestling and Randy Orton’s response to Edge.

WWE has made a small change to film its episodes without audiences at the Performance Center: the main camera is now turned towards the entrance to the Superstars so that we can no longer see the empty seats of the public. AEW did the same for Dynamite last Wednesday. Some will yell at the copy, others will say coincidence.

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Lesnar will be quick, AJ Styles will bury the Undertaker

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are opening this episode. Heyman explains that no matter how hard McIntyre trains, he can never beat Brock Lesnar. At WrestleMania Lesnar will be quick, but it will not be without pain, he says.

We did not see Drew McIntyre, however, contrary to what had been announced.

WWE rebroadcasts a match of Brock Lesnar, the one where he defended his title of WWE champion in 2015 at Royal Rumble against the one who was then Mr. MITB and accompanied by J&J Security Seth Rollin and John Cena.

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson enter and stay on the banister to talk about the Undertaker. Styles says he doesn’t care whether his match is Saturday night or Sunday night at WrestleMania, he said will depend on whether Michelle McCool will let him out or not.

Styles also laughs at the Undertaker’s outfit, whose pants remind him of pregnancy pants, before mounting the video where the Undertaker and Michelle McCool are in a pool with a tiger for an animal welfare association. For him, it is no longer the Undertaker he wanted to face, and he intends to bring him back to WrestleMania. His solution: a Boneyard Match. We can’t wait to find out what it is.

Garza and Andrade on their way to the team titles

In the first game in this episode, Angel Garza and Andrade face the team dropped by Vince McMahon Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. The Street Profits came in during the match to settle in for comments to add a little more atmosphere.

Angel Garza and Andrade beat Ricochet and Cedric Alexander by falling with Andrade’s back elbow strike on Alexander.

The Street Profits also have a match then, against two types of NXT who obviously wanted to come, Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink.

Street Profits defeated Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink with a splash from Mount Ford on Shane Thorne.

R-Truth took the title of 24/7 champion from Riddick Moss while jogging. This is what it feels like to not respect confinement.

Chair blow

Shayna Baszler is in the ring interview with Charly Caruso, the whole room is in the dark except for a spot above the ring. Baszler remains silent and looks at the ground, not answering questions. Suddenly she tries to intimidate Caruso, asking her if she is afraid that she will bite her. Shayna Baszler goes on to say that Becky Lynch can only expect to lose. She says she likes to destroy and wants the title, and she’ll destroy Lynch to take that title.

While Charly Caruso was going to ask another question, Shayna Baszler gets hit in the chair. The lights come back on and obviously reveal Becky Lynch, who hits Baszler again with the chair before leaving.

Aleister Black defeated Leon Ruff by falling with his Black Mass in a minute. One minute of a match, it doesn’t even move. This is the second time the two wrestlers have met, they have already met at the Main-Event. Because yes, there is always a Main-Event, even in the current context.

Seth Rollins is behind everything

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins meet for the next segment. Rollins does not believe that wrestling at the Performance Center is an advantage. He thinks Owens should be wondering how he got there and says that when he got to WWE there was no PC, he did everything from his blood, sweat, and tears.

He says he is also behind everything Owens could have had to succeed, that without him there would be no NXT. Without him, no Gargano, no Ciampa, no Undisputed Era, no TakeOver… no Women’s Revolution. We hope for Rollins that Stephanie McMahon is well confined because if she hears that.

Seth Rollins then reminds Kevin Owens that unlike him, he never achieved anything at WrestleMania. He wasn’t even there last year. Rollins tells him he’s always been at his best and even thinks he’s been a god there. Owens has no chance, he said before leaving. Owens will not have answered once. The promotion was good though.

WWE rebroadcasts another former game, that between Charlotte Flair and Asuka at WrestleMania 34.

Randy Orton accepts Edge’s challenge

Randy Orton makes his debut for the last sequence of this episode. He addresses Edge and explains that his point has not been understood. All he wants to express his love, but let everyone interpret it as violence.

He wants to apologize, he lied to Beth Phoenix. Edge is not addicted to the crowd, he is addicted to his own ego according to him. “Adam Copeland is addicted to Edge,” he explains. He also admits that Edge was right, he was offered the opportunity of a career in WWE on a set, but that this does not guarantee him a Hall of Famer career, recalling having won very early in his career the Intercontinental and heavyweight champion titles or the rivalry with Mick Foley that he beat to succeed.

Orton also points to the “notch” that Edge talks about all the time, and explains that having guts isn’t about sitting on your couch for nine years but being a benchmark in the locker room. Today he says he sees no one has accomplished what he has accomplished in the locker room.

He ends by saying that if Edge writes his story asking for the Last Man Standing, he will write the last chapter to him. “I accept,” he ends.

An episode difficult to judge like the previous ones, but if we withdraw the games whose usefulness is questionable, the promotions and interviews were good. Heyman made it simple, AJ Styles like Seth Rollins are doing well and Randy Orton as usual in this exercise acts as a masterclass. On the other hand, three hours for all this is long, too long.

Written by Zain Ul Aabideen

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