Why John Cena follows people on Twitter?

Why John Cena follows people on Twitter?
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You may be one of the people John Cena is following on Twitter. And yes, it is the real John Cena who follows your account, but why? Indeed, for the past few weeks, Cena has been tracking multiple accounts of unknown people for no reason, but now he has explained why he does so during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Cena explains that he now uses his account as a source of advice and inspiration for the people who follow him. He explains that each of his messages aims to make people evolve. These are simple sentences that come to mind during his day and according to him, it is a proof of authenticity, which will lead him to 12 million followers on Twitter:

It’s the same thing that gave me so much success in WWE, authenticity. When I changed to a hip hop character, hip hop was part of my life, part of my culture. So I embark on what is authentic for me. ”

And on the subject of his follows to complete strangers:

” I know social networks are difficult, controversial and sometimes negative places, especially Twitter, mainly because people can hide behind a keyboard. So what can I do? Send nice things, be honest with everyone, and then follow people who identify with good things.

If I am someone on Twitter who is “negative” and likes my tweets? He may not be the person he claims to be, and that may change him. If the experiments fail, so be it, but I’m just trying to use my presence to balance the scales. ”

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