What is Shane McMahon’s current role in WWE?

What is Shane McMahon's current role in WWE?

A week ago, Shane McMahon made his backstage behind the scenes of WWE as explained by the Wrestling Observer a few days ago. The Chairman’s son was one of the producers of the Royal Rumble match, alongside Chris Park (Abyss), Jamie Noble and Lance Storm. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar also contributed to the early match scenario.

Since this revelation, several rumors have surfaced that Shane could work as a producer with the company. According to the Wrestling Observer, this is not the case since his presence during the Royal Rumble weekend is explained simply by the fact that Shane wanted to lend a helping hand for the production of the evening’s flagship match.

According to the source, Shane is not officially a producer or agent and has no role in the company. His internal appearances are now rare since the end of his storyline with Kevin Owens which ended at TLC last October.

As a reminder, Shane is busy with other tasks outside of sports entertainment since he is notably CEO of a video on demand company in China and of several other companies in the world.

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