What can we expect from Buddy Murphy as a new ally of Seth Rollins?

What can we expect from Buddy Murphy as a new ally of Seth Rollins?

Then the third encounter between Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy, who was just as good as the previous ones, but who were suspiciously programmed in a one-month interval, seemed to have no purpose if we consider that the Dutchman had won all after a great effort.

Obviously, this must-have sealed the rivalry between the two, but more suspicious was the fact that Murphy remained seated after the meeting, with a feeling of being lost and confused. Well, until he finally intervened in the stellar event when he hit the Big Show low and helped the Seth Rollins team win their “punch fight.” With this, the union of Buddy Murphy was achieved with the group led by Monday Night Messiah.

With Rollins as the leader of the faction, this new addition left the world absolutely stunned, where Murphy, despite losing three times in a row against Black, so far was the one who was better off the rivalry, which is still curious.

So what can we expect from the inclusion of Buddy Murphy as a new Seth Rollins henchman? We have some theories of what could happen in the coming weeks in Raw:

The Need for a “Character” for Buddy Murphy

What was the reason why Aleister Black won three straight matches against a superstar like Buddy Murphy? The reason is that, although Murphy is explosive in the ring, he did not have a character defined in Raw except for the fact that he is a very good superstar. WWE is based on characters and, to be fair, Murphy was just another boy until the last events.

But now, Murphy can go so far as to say that he has actually climbed a step above Aleister Black, having joined the most popular rough faction in Raw at this time. The AOP also returned from the dark to become the most dominant tag team in RAW, even more than the current Tag Team Champions.

To Play With the Possibility of More Members Added

Remembering the times of WCW, one of the most impressive things was the number of members that nWo had. Although all look back with the benefit of the retrospective and claim that there were too many members, at that time, the beauty of the group was to play with the possibility that more members could join the faction.

Like Monday Night Messiah, it is possible that he continues to recruit more and more rude from the list to reinforce his squad of evil and intriguing individuals who can dominate Raw. Perhaps Bobby Lashley joins the group once he ends his rivalry with Rusev and becomes the fighting machine we have all wanted since his return to WWE.

Another name that could be added may be Andrade’s, although that implies that he lets Zelina Vega go, which may not be a good idea since they have recently shown that they are on the same page.

To Be Able to Raise a Greater Amount of Raw Techniques

While there are antagonists, you will also need an equal number of protagonists to balance things. So, we already know that The Big Show, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens are on the side of the good guys, but who could join the ranks to match things up?

The first name that comes to mind is Aleister Black because of its history with Buddy Murphy; However, we do not believe that it fits the character of a man who works in a large group, so it is possible that we should consider some more names.

Another name that comes to mind immediately is Ricochet, who today has no defined rivalry and is someone who has tons of potential to exploit and become a superstar in their own right. Maybe someone like Rey Mysterio could be involved in this rivalry when he ends up with Andrade. The Street Profits can also sooner or later get involved to rival AOP, specifically.

The possibilities are endless and can also be quite exciting.

To Eventually Rivalize Against Seth Rollins

No faction in history has lasted a lifetime, although many have tried. The Shield was first betrayed by Seth Rollins and then by Dean Ambrose, who became rude in the process. Even The Wyatt Family has been divided numerous times, being the last time caused by Randy Orton.

So, even this faction is doomed to fail at some point, and Seth Rollins or Buddy Murphy is supposed to switch to the good side when that happens. This would imply a rivalry between two of the best professional wrestlers worldwide at this time. And as we saw with Roman Reigns, it will give Buddy Murphy an opportunity to show the world that it can belong to the star plane.

To Increase the Rollins Possibilities of Winning the Royal Rumble

What can we expect from Buddy Murphy as a new ally of Seth Rollins?

The best of the Royal Rumble is the element of surprise, not knowing who will be the one who will come out from behind the curtains. As the clock returns to zero, the audience has no way of knowing if the next person who will leave will be a technician or a rude. In this way, many mini-stories can be told on the battlefield.

Although in the pitched battle each man fights for himself, at the end of the day, you can take advantage of the numerical advantages of being part of a certain group, when its members intervene in the contest. This would allow the group leader (Rollins in this case) to increase the chances of winning. So far, only Buddy Murphy has confirmed his participation, but surely Rollins will too.

Will this combination be able to eventually eliminate Brock Lesnar? It remains to be seen in the coming days.

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