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What are Lacey Evans’s goals for 2020?

What are Lacey Evans's goals for 2020?

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What are Lacey Evans’s goals for 2020?

Image: WWE

What are Lacey Evans’s goals for 2020?

Lacey Evans broke into the main cast of WWE at the Royal Rumble 2019. In this short time, she has managed to make a name for herself. In principle, their participation was limited to walking along the ramp, greeting the public and returning again behind the scenes, which ignited the fans.

Now as a spouse of the respectable, she has managed to gain her admiration after entering rivalry with Bayley and Sasha Banks. Evans recently had an interview with CBS Sports where she talked about things like her change of side, how she would describe her character and more.

When asked what her goals for next year are, Lacey Evans said she is probably champion in the new year:

“I will probably become a champion and get more opportunities. I want to use this platform to show people what they can be capable of no matter how difficult your life is.

“I know that sometimes there are things that hurt a lot. It is normal for many bad things to happen that make you feel depressed, but believe me when I say this, because I come from where I come from and for everything that has happened, I know that a person is capable of anything.

“If I have to become a champion to tell the world that they are capable of anything as long as they continue to fight and have a plan, then that is what I want to do.” 

Without a doubt, it is a somewhat high goal, but it is very possible that, given the quality it has on the stringing, we will see it very soon wearing the SmackDown women’s championship. It would be one of her goals fulfilled, because it must be remembered that she, along with Natalya, was part of the story, since both were the first superstar who could work in Saudi Arabia.


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