Vince McMahon tries again: WWE PPV rights for sale

Vince McMahon tries again: WWE ppv rights for sale
Vince McMahon tries again: WWE ppv rights for sale

The news had been in the air for several days, but no official confirmation has ever come from any internal WWE source. Apparently Vince McMahon would be in talks with several television stations for the sale of the main WWE PPVs, so that he could earn even more on his product, at least on those most famous and historical pay-per-views, such as Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble, which would lead to the federation of much higher revenues than those currently obtained with the WWE Network.

In recent weeks, several rumors had been revealed that WWE was about to sell the rights of these PPV to very important companies such as FOX or Amazon, with the Federation Chairman determined to continue the negotiations to the end.
Apparently, however, in the end, nothing was done, even if Vince and partners would be more and more convinced of selling the rights of their PPV, so as to bind themselves in a stable manner to broadcasters such as FOX, which already assure WWE millions of dollars a year and a very large audience, just like USA Network.
Apparently, in the last meeting held by WWE investors with the management, Vince McMahon has returned to talk about the topic, admitting that he is still in negotiations with some important companies, even if for the moment there is still a lot to work on. before coming to an agreement.

According to what was reported by the Wrestling Observer, with his usual Dave Meltzer:

” WWE is still negotiating for an agreement on the sale of the PPVs. They announced that Wrestlemania will continue to go on the network for the moment, which therefore indicates that it still needs time for a closing of the negotiations and therefore for an official announcement.

The only sure thing at the moment is that it is being negotiated for an agreement with a very high numerical figure. ”

Vince’s intent, therefore, is to be able to monetize as much as possible even with this assignment, thus coming to sign a very important agreement also on the PPVs, after securing all three main weekly shows only last year, with Smackdown on FOX and NXT and Raw on the USA Network.

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