Vince McMahon Introduces New Rule For Referees During Matches

Vince McMahon Introduces New Rule For Referees During Games

WWE referee Charles Robinson, guest of Sean Mooney’s Prime Time podcast, revealed a new rule that Vince McMahon imposed on the umpire.

Robinson explained that Vince requires the referees to count up to ten wrestlers who are outside the ring and who do not pay attention to this count. Vince now authorizes the referees to complete the account, even if this changes the end of the match initially scheduled.

Since certain talents do not pay attention to this count, the referees were before obliged to stop it in order to allow the wrestlers to return to the ring before the count of ten, as specifies Robinson. This scene was thus obvious to understand for the spectators and televiewers, it is for this reason that Vince prohibits from now on the practice of it.

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