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Vince McMahon: “AEW hasn’t changed us”

Vince McMahon: "AEW hasn't changed us"

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Vince McMahon: “AEW hasn’t changed us”

Image: WWE

Vince McMahon: “AEW hasn’t changed us”

Recently Vince McMahon held the usual conference call with shareholders where the earnings that WWE achieved during 2019 are discussed, with particular analysis in the fourth quarter of the past year.

One of the many questions the WWE patron had to answer is that of AEW, the major competing federation against the Stamford federation. Here are his words on the matter: “AEW has not changed our content.

It’s all about characters, stories, and resolutions. It hasn’t changed our point in terms of what we present to the public. We don’t need sharper segments, or whatever you want to call them.

We are PG, one of the few programs to be truly PG “. Vinnie O’Mac then said that NXT is actually in competition with AEW Dynamite, in the now-famous Wednesday Night War, given that the AEW program airs on TNT while the yellow show on USA Network.

Here are his words: “As for NXT, we are competing with AEW. NXT is competing with AEW Dynamite every night, and we are doing extremely well. We are confident that NXT will continue with its success. “


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