Sylvain Grenier returns to WWE

Sylvain Grenier returns to WWE

For the oldest WWE fans, you will remember the duo  Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway (also with René Duprée). Unfortunately for them, the duo was separated following a Draft and the two men ended their contract with WWE by mutual agreement in 2007.

Today, Sylvain Grenier will be back in WWE but in the backstages! Indeed, Grenier said in an interview for RDS that he signed a new contract to be a producer. He explains that he is currently in apprenticeship and that he participated in his first show at RAW on January 13, 2020. Once his apprenticeship is over, he will be at RAW or SmackDown in addition to taking care of PPDs.

Its role is to take the ideas of the WWE scriptwriters and explain them to the wrestlers to make sure that the ideas are well presented on our screens as the writers want:

” Staging, working with talents and wrestlers, stories, working on wrestling matches. We know that wrestling matches are rigged. It’s entertainment and our job is to take words on a piece of paper and make it wrestling and entertainment.” transcription by No Roman.

Grenier explained that he got the new WWE position in a two to a three-month process where he spoke with company directors. He adds that WWE lost a few producers and agents with the arrival of AEW and that WWE needed new faces and new visions, so he was contacted.

You can see this segment of the interview by clicking here.

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