RAW, NXT and Smackdown taped in advance, what about Wrestlemania?

RAW, NXT and Smackdown recorded in advance, what about Wrestlemania?

Exceptional location, exceptional resources for WWE. As the world faces the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, WWE must also cope with the complications of health care measures taken by the United States government.

According to multiple sources including Wrestlevotes, WWE should record several episodes of RAW and Smackdown in advance, so as not to risk being unable to broadcast them live next week.

With the strengthening of sanitary measures, these registrations seem inevitable but would also and especially concern Wrestlemania. According to POST Wrestling, WWE officials are asking its teams to stop mentioning “broadcast live on the WWE Network” when Wrestlemania 36 is mentioned. Thus, any mention of direct is to be avoided.

Note that the WWE website no longer mentions live, like Michael Cole last night at Smackdown. During the two hours of the show, no direct mention was made of Wrestlemania. Although it is not yet official, the information tends to be confirmed.

Still, according to POST Wrestling, WWE plans to make a wave of recordings for the RAW episodes of March 23 and 30, for the Smackdown episodes of March 27 and April 3, and potentially for Wrestlemania 36.

For Smackdown, content should be recorded this Saturday, while episodes of RAW should be recorded next Monday and Tuesday. According to Wrestling Observer, the recording of Smackdown episodes should take place during the same period of time.

Regarding Wrestlemania, Wrestling Observer indicates that the two nights of the show will probably be recorded, but the decision is currently kept secret. Only a few people within the company are kept informed about the decision that will be made. The Superstars themselves are unaware.

Thus, the non-mention of the live broadcast is a precautionary measure taken by WWE, in case it decides to record the event. As a reminder, the show should take place in several different places, including the Performance Center.

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