John Cena pays for US Army veteran’s errands

John Cena pays for US Army veteran's errands

This week, a Reddit user revealed that her father, a veteran of the US Navy, met John Cena in a supermarket. The 16-time WWE World Champion has paid the racing charges for the former Seabees.

Contacted by ET Online, the user, named Stephanie Phillips, revealed that the scene took place at the Publix grocery store in Land O ’Lakes, Florida. This is where his father, Charles “Bud” Phillips, a veteran of the Vietnam War, made this beautiful encounter, immortalized in the photo that you can discover below.

Here’s what Stefanie told ET Online:

“My father was behind him at the supermarket checkout. They chatted and John thanked my father for his service when he saw his Seabees cap. John secretly paid for all of his errands. My father didn’t know until the cashier told him “John paid for your errands.” The bill was around $ 100.

My father is a Vietnam War veteran and is a widower. We unexpectedly lost my mother five years ago, after fifty years of marriage. So, as you can imagine, few things make him smile as much as in this photo.

This is what is so special about this moment. A simple act of generosity that brightened his day. As much as for his family who saw this smile on his face! He stays at home a lot and loves to cook. So going to the supermarket to buy ingredients is kind of his way out of the week. ”

Stefanie also revealed that Cena is regularly seen in this store and that he is “adorable with everyone”. For his father, the story did not end there since several Reddit users contacted Stefanie because their fathers or grandfathers served in the same unit as his. The veterans were then able to exchange with each other and find each other, years later.

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