Charlotte Flair and Andrade will spend Christmas in Mexico

Charlotte Flair and Andrade will spend Christmas in Mexico

The sentimental relationship between Charlotte Flair and Andrade is going well, although they do not mix the sentimental with the professional; however, during this week, a drama was generated around a possible separation between Andrade and Zelina Vega, who led a fan to propose that the girlfriend of “The Idol”, Charlotte Flair, was his new manager, although “The Queen »Has not ruled on this.

In her Thursday After The Bell Podcast, Corey Graves interviewed Charlotte Flair and first told her what she said about “the Queen” last week, which was backed by her on social media. Graves also reiterated his point about the women’s division of Raw and SmackDown.

Charlotte Flair replied by saying that it is subject to a different standard. And just because you do not have a stable partner does not imply that you are not doing everything you can. She adds saying that ” my consistency can be my downfall. “ She also criticized her achievements this year and says that maybe being on television may be the reason.

As to whether there has been a fall in the women’s division as a whole, she commented that everything that has happened lately has been organic and that things have not been connecting with people, but not because of talent, but because there is no a story for the audience to connect, but that will be great when that happens.

Speaking about her scheduled match for TLC this Sunday against the Kabuki Warriors, she says there are interesting stories that happen throughout the meeting and it will be interesting to see what comes out of this, where she stressed that she has the opportunity to become a Women’s Tag Team Champion in WWE.

She also commented that she will go to Mexico on Christmas holidays with Andrade (although she did not say where), and concluded by saying that she trains regularly with her boyfriend, where she continues to learn some movements, and that the Mexican fighting style drives her to have a new outfit while helping you to have more confidence.

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