MLW Fusion Results: March 21, 2020

MLW Fusion Results: March 21, 2020
MLW Fusion Results: March 21, 2020

Yesterday, a new episode of the weekly show of Major League Wrestling, MLW: Fusion, taped from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Below we show you the results of the show.

Before the episode starts, a recap of last week’s main event between Tom Lawlor and Killer Kross is shown. The fight ended in disqualification when Dominic Garrini and Erick Stevens attacked Kross. The Von Erichs and Davey Boy Smith Jr. went out to save Kross. This leads us to the main event tonight: a four to four fight between Team Filthy and the team made up of Killer Kross, The Von Erichs and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to a new edition of MLW Fusion. They discuss the card, focusing on the stellar event. In addition, we are introduced to the first fight of the episode: Zenshi vs. El Lindaman.

– The Lindaman defeated Zenshi, by pinfall. The Stronghearts member applied the Tiger Suplex to get the victory.

Cut to the Von Erich, Davey Boy Smith and Killer Kross. Ross and Marshall say their father told them to choose their friends wisely, and that’s why they aligned themselves with Davey Boy and Killer Kross. Smith and Kross say the entire Team Filthy are doomed. “Everyone pays a toll,” says Kross.

We are told that Mance Warner was attacked by MJF, although tonight she will accompany her mystery man to the ring for the confrontation against Richard Holliday. The Dynasty member is interviewed by Alicia Atout. He’s not sure who Warner’s pick is, but he jokes that it’s very likely a waiter without a job or even a garbage truck driver. “Whoever he is, I will take him down and he will feel the Dynasty’s strength.”

Contra Unit Promo. Josef Samael says his soldiers are preparing for their next attack and ready to go to war. After this, like the previous week, a cartoon featuring Pagano’s MLW debut.

Bocchini and Kirsch say that King Mo to fight Low Ki next week. Also announced for next week, Brian Pillman Jr. will face to the Injustice member, Jordan Oliver. A video of Injustice attacking Pillman is shown but Davey Boy Smith appears to help him.

Richard Holliday comes out into the ring, still wearing the Caribbean championship of Savio Vega. Mance Warner makes an appearance and introduces his mysterious man. It’s Blue Meanie! Blue Meanie is in MLW! Additionally, Mance Warner joins the comment table alongside Kirsch and Bocchini.

– Blue Meanie defeated Richard Holliday by countout. During the final moments, Holliday begins to argue with Warner at ringside. Warner spits beer in his face while the referee doesn’t look. The referee reaches ten and Blue Meanie is declared the winner.

Injustice is interviewed by Alicia Atout. He asks them if they have a problem with AAA. All three say they don’t care about AAA, but wonder why MLW management brings in an outside company when Injustice is the “stars” who are bearing the weight of MLW.

Promo by Low Ki, who praises King Mo’s career as an MMA fighter. However, Low Ki says this is the world of professional wrestling and promises that everything Mo is supposed to do won’t matter when he smashes it up next week. The image focuses on Mo who insults Low Ki and calls him a fraud. “I went to YouTube, I looked for Low Ki, and all I saw is that it is a fraud.” Mo’s manager says he demands that Low Ki have a man in the corner so they can throw in a towel after Mo destroys him.

Turn of the segment or LA Park in the kitchen, pendej * s. LA Park and El Hijo de la Park are showing MLW fans how to make eggs with chorizo, the food for champions says, Park. Plus, she tells her to never forget the recipe. Finally, Park gets mad at the MLW production for not having everything he needed.

The Von Erichs, Killer Kross and David Boy Smith jr. they defeated Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Rip Von Erich, and Dominic Garrini) in a four-on-four team match.

After the fight, Smith takes out a table and applies a powerbomb to Rip Von Erich. Team Filthy help pull their teammate backstage, as the winners celebrate. Team Filthy comes out again for one last attack, but Kross, Smith and The Von Erichs take them down with ease.

The picture goes behind the scenes. King Mo attacks Killer Kross by surprise and is uncovered as the new member of Team Filthy to end the episode.

Written by Zain Ul Aabideen

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