Japanese Wrestling Companies will take measures against the Coronavirus at their Upcoming Events

NJPW and Stardom will take measures against the Coronavirus at their Upcoming Events
NJPW and Stardom will take measures against the Coronavirus at their Upcoming Events

The Japanese companies New Japan Pro Wrestling and STARDOM today announced the various measures they will take in their upcoming live events to prevent the spread of coronavirus. NJPW has chosen to keep its current calendar with minor sanitary adjustments, while STARDOM has taken more drastic measures in this regard.

NJPW Extreme Hygiene in their upcoming shows

The lion company has published a press release communicating that sanitary measures will be taken in their shows, which will be held with relative normality except for the autograph signature sessions, which have been canceled. The press release is as follows:

The new coronavirus (COVID-2019) has been a constant theme in the news worldwide for weeks, and, understandably, many people are worried. For New Japan Pro Wrestling, the health, safety, and comfort of fans, fighters and workers is a priority, and therefore, after careful consideration, we have determined a policy for live events in the immediate future.

All currently scheduled events will be held as planned. In light of this decision, we invite attendees to take the following precautions at events:

Be aware of your physical condition before an event. If you have a fever, cough, cold symptoms or are not feeling well, please stay home.

In each enclosure, alcohol disinfectant sprays will be available for attendees. We invite each assistant to disinfect their hands before entering the premises.

NJPW encourages attendees to wear masks at live events whenever possible. Staff may also wear masks. We also encourage fans to wash their hands and gargle.

Please leave the premises if you start to feel bad during an event. Be aware that staff can ask attendees to leave if they seem to be feeling bad.

Meet and greets and autograph signatures at events are canceled until further notice. We appreciate your compression.

Returns will be available for tickets purchased for March events. While the events will be held as planned, we appreciate the concern of the fans, and we want to ask ticket owners not to attend the event if they are not well.

Due to the sincere interest in public health, certain additions to the above mentioned could be made in the future, including medical check-ups to the attendees. Keep visiting for more details.

We appreciate the continued support for New Japan Pro Wrestling. ”

STARDOM cancels most of its upcoming events

For its part, the women’s company STARDOM has decided to cancel the celebration of the events announced for February 19, 20, 22, 23 and 29, and that of March 14.

The press conference announced for February 20 will be held, but the presence of fans will not be allowed. A similar case is that of the March 8 show at the Korakuen Hall, which will be held without fans present and with the empty venue.

STARDOM has also published the following statement in this regard: “Returns for these events are available. If you are from a foreign country and have tickets, please send an email to and we will help you solve your case in the most efficient way possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate the compression. “

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