Alejandra Jimenez becomes the WBC Super Middleweight Champion

Alejandra Jimenez becomes the Super Middleweight Champion

Alejandra Jiménez becomes the WBC Super Middleweight champion after 10 rounds against Franchon Crews. This fight was initially agreed on September 14, 2019, but due to problems with Jiménez’s visa, it did not happen until January 11 of this year.

Well, the fight was slow. Alejandra had only had a fight at that weight before facing Crews. Before that, he was a full-weight monarch by the World Boxing Council.

Not only was the challenge against the champion, but Jiménez also wanted to crown the effort of his weight cut to give the pounds of the category. He went up to fight for the WBO and WBC super-middleweight belts that were held by Crews.

Then Jimenez went straight against Crews from the start. It was a rugged fight. Both resorted to hooks and mainly Crews threw some elbows. He also hit Alejandra with his arm on some occasions.

Alejandra was not perfect but constant, given that some blows of the rabbit were gone and that, in her attack, she entered with her head in front and exposed herself. But the highest impact count was that of the Mexican. Crews did throw a lot of blows but they were not effective since most remained in Jiménez’s arms.

(Crews hit as ugly as Deontay Wilder does, but without the same forcefulness, which causes Wilder to end his fighting). Of course, the chances he had Jiménez face to face, he managed to hurt her, so he left her eyes bruised.

Jiménez made a good waist movement to take off most of Franchon’s blows, who at all times remained active to the attack, without giving space to the Mexican.

That’s why the fight got intense and closed.

The decision was divided and with good reason, but in favor of the Mexican. Now, Alejandra Jiménez is a super middleweight champion, the first Mexican to be crowned in those two divisions.

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