Colt Cabana signs with All Elite Wrestling

Colt Cabana signs with All Elite Wrestling
Colt Cabana signs with All Elite Wrestling

During the broadcast of THE BUY IN by AEW RevolutionColt Cabana made his surprise appearance. After the match between Dark Order and SCU, the Creeps went to the ring to attack Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, but the Chicago native came to perform the save. Christopher Daniels was the last to appear to clean the house.

Once the show was over, the media asked Tony Khan, President of All Elite Wrestling, if the company had signed Colt Cabana, to which he responded affirmatively. Khan recalled Cabana’s previous performances as a commentator and revealed his intention to use him as a coach and in the backstage as a creative.

“Colt is working here,” Khan confirmed. “He does a variety of very important things. He has already started as an announcer and will now work as a wrestler. You can see Colt fighting for us on a regular basis. He can participate as a commentator and also as a coach. He is a valuable mind. He has signed with us. Under our agreement, Colt can also work elsewhere. “

Cabana performed his last duties as an AEW commentator in December, the same month he ended his contract with Ring Of Honor. 

Since then, Cabana has appeared in the National Wrestling Alliance, as well as in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he has generally fought alongside Toru Yano. He had to participate in this year’s New Japan Cup edition, but due to a series of cancellations that occurred, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak in Japan, the tournament has been canceled.

Written by Zain Ul Aabideen

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