AEW to Tour Europe by the End of 2020

AEW Europe Tour by the End of 2020?

AEW has only performed on US soil since its inception, apart from a sea show during Chris Jericho’s cruise a few weeks ago. But now AEW is currently planning to visit European fans by the end of 2020. Indeed, Cody and Dustin Rhodes said in an interview that this was the goal of the company.

While Cody Rhodes was visiting the Wrestling Observer Live, he told Dave Meltzer that all of the company’s directors want to go to London and Manchester for this year and other places in Europe:

“So yes, it will really happen in 2020. And I hope we have more news about that. I would say it will probably be a series of shows, like a mini-tour, but maybe I’m not right. It’s my goal to do a mini-tour because we had a lot of fun on the boat and since we don’t do Live Events, I think it’s a great experience for wrestlers. ”

Dustin Rhodes chatted with TalkSport and said he had heard rumors about this tour:

”I hope it’s true. Obviously, I want to go to London, it’s a good city for us and a good city for wrestling. […] It will probably only be Live Events, but who knows. We could be there for a week and record a TV show somewhere, I don’t know. ”

The AEW team, therefore, seems determined to hit the road for the European continent by the end of the year. Surely we will know more soon, the AEW has currently announced its calendar until April, still in the United States.

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