AEW Dynamite results of March 25, 2020

AEW Dynamite results of March 25, 2020
AEW Dynamite Results: March 25, 2020

On the program for this episode of AEW Dynamite including a AAA Mega Championship match between Kenny Omega and Sammy Guevara and the meeting between Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy.

This episode begins with the first match of the evening between Cody Rhodes and the Englishman Jimmy Havoc. Kenny Omega is in the comments of the match, Brandi Rhodes is near the ring. Unlike last week, however, there are no people sitting in the audience.

Cody Rhodes defeated Jimmy Havoc by pinfall with his Cross Rhodes.

Jake Roberts wanted his share of the AEW pie

A video clip of Jake Roberts sitting by the fire starts after the match. The WWE Hall of Famer is said to be one of the greatest wrestling minds in the world and regrets not even receiving a phone call when the All Elite Wrestling was launched. He also says that Cody Rhodes is afraid of Lance Archer because he saw him hurting a lot of people around the world – a.k.a. the NJPW. But he does count on the fact that the two wrestlers will face each other one day.

Returning from the ad, Cody Rhodes replies by saying that if he wants Lance Archer can start when he wants, in the next episode of Dynamite. If there is one, please specify in case.

Darby Allin then confronts Kip Sabian, whom he features in a video as the Inner Circle’s sin sacrifice.

Darby Allin defeated Kip Sabian by pinfall with his Last Supper.

Jake Hager defeated Chico Adams by submission with a head arm triangle, a squash.

Jon Moxley entered the ring and attacked Hager, who eventually fled the ring. Returning from the pub Moxley is behind the scenes and explains that he had warned: he would disembark anytime, he was ready to fight and he found it a shame that Hager had run away. Next time he will be less fortunate, he says. He’s going to send her on a stretcher to the hospital.

Vince McMahon Has Whistling Ears

After a recap of the arrival of Exalted One last week, Brodie Lee is at the table with Alex Reynolds and John Silver and explains the new rules in the Dark Order. Silver starts eating without Brodie Lee’s permission and gets out of the table. Alex Reynolds gets him out of the table because he sneezed. We’re going to find out that the Exalted One is a parody of Vince McMahon.

Brodie Lee defeated QT Marshall by pinfall with a Discus Lariat.

Vanguard 1 obviously has a new job: he’s meeting Nick Jackson to give us news of the man who was beaten up by the Inner Circle a few weeks ago.

Kenny Omega defends his AAA Mega champion title against Sammy Guevara, also a former Cruiserweight champion in the Mexican promotion. A good opportunity to talk a little about the partnership between the AEW and the AAA.

Kenny Omega defeated Sammy Guevara by pinfall with his V-Trigger and his One-Winged Angel. Good match with a Guevara whose work we learn to appreciate heel which will lead him to be slapped by Brandi Rhodes who was near the ring (no disqualification either) and a Kenny Omega we are used to.

Damascus is there

This episode ends with the confrontation between Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy… which begins especially between Chris Jericho and Vanguard One. Yes, Jericho is releasing a promo against a drone and it’s 2020 like situation. Matt Hardy finally appears, and magic: he teleports from the top of the stands to the ring.

Chris Jericho wants Matt Hardy in the Inner Circle. But Hardy is not fooled. “Damascus” even less. Damascus appears to be the one who took possession of his body and is said to be 3,000 years old, so he has seen it all this time. Hardy explains that AEW is paradise and freedom, and he cannot bring himself to let Inner Circle ruin paradise.

The segment ends with Jericho who ends up hitting Hardy, who responds with a punch. Sammy Guevara comes to Jericho’s help before Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes come in their turn, making the two heels, a little frightened by the flames coming out on the ramp, flee.

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