AEW Dynamite results of March 18, 2020

AEW Dynamite results of March 18, 2020

It’s Wednesday. Do you know what it means? The new episode of AEW Dynamite under the conditions that we know. The opportunity to see how the All Elite Wrestling manages a show without an audience, and it’s pretty good.

Cody Rhodes welcomes us in a very dark atmosphere in the middle of the ring and an empty room. In these particular times, he explains that it is important not to live in fear and “to listen to science”. He would also like The Elite to be united. If Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega joined him in the ring to say that there are no problems between them, Hangman Page simply passed ahead to raise his glass, without saying more.

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A Street Fight soon on the program

The first match of this episode to see the Best Friend confronts Fenix ​​and Pentagon. Before the match Tony Schiavone interview MJF installed in ringside with Shawn Spears. The two wrestlers are betting on the winner of the upcoming match. Orange Cassidy is “on the comments”, even if we’re not really going to hear it.

The Lucha Bros beat the Best Friends with their double stomp/piledriver package combo.

After the match, the Best Friends challenged the Lucha Bros in a “Street Fight in a real street”, but as we said containment for everyone, it will ultimately be a parking lot.

Hikaru Shida defeated Riho, Kris Stadtlander, and Penelope Ford by fallen with a Shining Wizard.

In an interview around the ring Colt Cabana praises the work of Penelope Ford but thinks that she would be better off without her crook boyfriend Kip Sabian, who heard everything. He obviously didn’t like it.

Interviewed earlier outside, Jon Moxley was not allowed into the arena because he is unable to wrestle. Here he is a little nervous but he prefers to leave. “There is enough of a problem today, the AEW doesn’t need to see me hitting a few police officers” before I go for a drive “to clear my mind.” We hope he has his certificate. However, he says he’ll be there when the Inner Circle comes up. He doesn’t want to miss the party at Blood and Guts.

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy beat The Butcher and The Blade.

The Exalted is there

We move on to the revelation of the Exalted One. Stu Grayson and Evil Uno enter the ring, Uno tells us that he promised the Exalted One was close and he always tells the truth. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian enter the ring in turn and do not believe it for a second. For them, there is no Exalted One.

When suddenly the Exalted One speaks. So there is one. We do not immediately recognize his voice, it is changed. But it suddenly becomes lighter and it’s not Matt Hardy’s. Like many, we believed it. Yet this voice is familiar and comes from the same “place”. This voice is that of …


– All Elite Wrestling on TNT (@AEWonTNT) March 19, 2020

Brodie Lee, indeed. Ex Luke Harper arrives at AEW and already releases his first punchline: “You are not the first overwhelmed old man not to believe in me.” In England, it does not whistle that.

Once this video clip is finished, the lights go out in the room and when they come back on, Brodie Lee is in the ring behind Daniels and Kazarian. No luck for them, there are not enough of them to resist and are beaten up.

Tony Schiavone interviews Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. Finally, especially Roberts who tells him that Archer is not there to speak but to fight. He also said that the ball was in Cody Rhodes’ court and that he preferred to ignore it. “It is one thing to try to stay away from danger, but it is another to ignore it.” he goes on to say that you have to listen to him because he’s Hall of Famer.

A video clip is then broadcast to highlight the talents of Lance Archer, a very Lucha Undergroundesque demonstration to describe it simply, where we see Archer dismantle a little twenty guys in a ring before the eyes of a delighted Jake Roberts, all in a very country setting. It was not bad.

Inner Circle has the advantage, The Elite has Matt Hardy

The main event for this episode is a team match between Cody Rhodes, Matt Jackson and Adam “Handwash” Page and Santana, Ortiz and Jake Hager. Chris Jericho is commenting on the match while Sammy Guevara and MJF sing Chris Jericho’s theme song. They knew how to set the mood.

Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz beat Chris Jericho, Matt Jackson and Adam Page on a Santana Cradle on Matt Jackson who wanted to try an Indytaker blocked by Hager.

Chris Jericho takes the microphone after the match, saying he has banished all fans from the upcoming AEW events. He no longer wants to see a single fan sing for The Elite even if everything returns to normal tomorrow. He also boasts that Nick Jackson will not be able to participate in the Blood and Guts game and that it will, therefore, be a five against four.

When suddenly, a drone. Not just any drone, it’s Vanguard 1. Matt Jackson explains that no, The Elite will not be missing anyone since he made a phone call to a friend. The camera turns to the stands where there is a well-known and expected head – not necessarily at this time of the evening, but still -: Matt Hardy. The Inner Circle is suddenly much less reassured.

The episode ends on this and what we can say is that the All Elite Wrestling, without obviously filling the atmosphere of a show with an audience, managed to make us forget the vacuum that reigns in a room. wrestling without fans. Simply by putting members of the roster in the audience who were doing their part of the show like MJF and Shawn Spears.

The other thing to note is that if a program is announced for the next episode of Dynamite, the AEW has been careful not to say “next week”, in case things change again. It’s not certain that bringing together a whole roster and a team of technicians in the same room is not yet possible by then. No more certain, moreover, that this configuration is very secure in these times, let’s be honest.

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