Why Know What Your Own Talents Are?

Why Know What Your Own Talents Are?

Discover and develop skills and tastes, will be key during college and professional life.

Today, to enter the university and the world of work, talents are taken into account, because they speak not only of the tastes that each person has in a specific activity but also of those skills, often innate to make things.

Knowing how to draw, physical, rational agility or the domain of audiences, for example, are highly evaluated talents in the selection processes, because they speak of an added value that an individual has that differentiates them from others.

To the extent that you become aware of your potential and focus on your own development, you will have more chances to choose a career and succeed in it.

For Juliana Ojeda, Promotion and Outreach psychologist at the Universidad del Rosario, discovering one’s talents “is a learning and development process that begins from childhood.”

The tastes and interests that you demonstrate from your childhood, develop over time in your daily activities: sports, hobbies, and habits that you practice are an example of this.

Therefore, the presence of your parents and teachers, from the first years of school is decisive and it is to them who you can ask what potential they saw in you when I was younger.

The specialist consulted ensures that young people should take charge of this search, include parents in their process, telling them about their progress and interests to help them develop skills better. For example, if you like to play the piano, look for ways to take piano lessons as soon as possible, don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

The perseverance, discipline, and perseverance to learn and develop your skills, will speak for you in the very near future and will be reflected in every task you set out to do in life.

The best thing is that you do what you really like and to that extent, you will find a career that complements and develops your talents.

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