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What is the correct way to freeze potatoes?

What is the correct way to freeze potatoes?


What is the correct way to freeze potatoes?

What is the correct way to freeze potatoes? (photo via Adobe Stock)

What is the correct way to freeze potatoes?

I love eating potatoes, I think I could do it every day and never tire of the taste, but of course, you have to give other vegetables the opportunity and eat them too.

Freeze cooked potatoes It may seem complicated since they are an aqueous vegetable that can form ice quickly; however, there is a way to do it and it is effective.

You should first know that freezing cooked potatoes is not the best solution to problems and it is always better (and tastier) to eat fresh potatoes.

Raw potatoes

PHOTO: Pixabay / PublicDomainPictures

If you want freeze cooked potatoes Because you are no longer able to eat them, consider the correct process before doing them, you will see that it is simple and you do it well, they can last for months in good condition in the freezer.

Frozen potatoes

PHOTO: IStock / Photopips

The potatoes should have a thick cut to make them more resistant, you can also freeze them whole.

Wash and peel the potatoes before starting, this will help them stay in better condition.

Peeler peeling potato

PHOTO: Pixabay / Capri23auto

Put water to heat and when it is boiling introduce the potatoes, leave them there for five minutes, while preparing a container with ice and water.

After the boiling time, take the potatoes out of the hot water and immediately put them in the ice water, thus cutting off their cooking.

Potatoes in hot water

PHOTO: Pixabay / Hans

Take out the potatoes and dry them very well, avoid leaving any traces of water. C

Get special freezer containers or use reusable freezer-safe bags. Take out all the air that is inside and if you can vacuum much better.

Frozen potatoes in cubes

PHOTO: IStock / Ibbukhan

Now you can freeze cooked potatoes correctly and have them there for any emergency.


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