Turn your bathroom into a private after-work spa!

Turn your bathroom into a private after-work spa!
Scented candles, soft towels, bath salts - all you have to do now is close the bathroom door

Would you like to use the evening really intensely to relax and refuel? You don’t need a wellness temple for this. With our step-by-step guide, you can turn your home into an oasis of relaxation for an evening

Everyday stress pulls your nerves, the job demands and the to-do list never ends? Yes, we know these days. Often you long for an evening with very conscious relaxation time to switch off permanently and recharge the batteries. Our suggestion: Make an appointment in the evening with your creams, peelings, oils, and masks for the extensive wellness program designed by us, including a light after-work dinner and yoga exercises for your tense back.

The German Wellness Association also confirms that “after-work relaxation” definitely makes sense: Many small breaks are therefore much more effective than a few long ones. For complete relaxation, complete rest is of course best. The phone and bell should, therefore, be set to silent if possible, in the background lounge music or soft sounds, according to your taste, are ideal. And tell the family: Now, please do not disturb mode is on…

1. Drink tea & snack to get in the mood

Start with one Lemon verbena tea. The plant has a harmonizing effect and calms the nerves. French women swear by them the verbena in the evening. Let the tea infuse for about 10 minutes, then drink in small sips. It is just as relaxing Rooibos tea. To do this, nibble a light snack like Savoy chips or a couple nuts. This dampens the first hunger for work, but still leaves room for dinner.

2. Glide gently out of everyday life

Breathe deeply three or four times, give a drop oil (e.g. from St Barth) on the index fingers and massage the temples with gentle, circular pressure. This lowers your stress level. Then ignite one Scented candle with cinnamon, myrrh and honey flavors (e.g. from Molton Brown). The warm, oriental fragrances ensure a perfect feel-good atmosphere. Just like a harmonizing one Body spray (e.g. from Aveda). Our tip: Warm up the towels before bathing and prepare them peeling before (see point 5).

3. Loosen and stretch the muscles

Anyone who sits at the desk and in front of the monitor for a long time should stretch and stretch vigorously in the evening. This reduces tension and relaxes the muscles. The exercise “The First Warrior” from the yoga. Repeat the exercise 10 times with slow, flowing movements.

4. Immerse yourself in the bathtub

A warm full bath is the best way to relax after exercising. The muscles loosen after only 2 minutes, breathing becomes slower. Our tip: Bath salts. Because saltwater is rich in valuable substances, and the skin does not dry out so quickly. 4 tablespoons of salt are enough for a tub. Then bathe at about 37 degrees for 15 minutes. Alternative: a bath with Base salt. It protects and regenerates the skin’s natural protective acid mantle. 2 to 3 tablespoons are sufficient here.

5. Exfoliate the body

Pamper your skin with a gentle scratching treatment. This loosens skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy glow. Apply the peeling while still wet in the tub with circular movements – a hazelnut-sized blob each on your arms, legs, stomach, and buttocks. Our tip: This can be done with ingredients from the kitchen peeling easy to make yourself. The recipe: Mix 100 g of coffee powder, 1 handful of freshly chopped mint leaves and 300 ml of olive oil with a whisk until you get a viscous paste. So that the body is massaged in, let it take effect for a short time, then shower off warm. Extra tip: Instead of coffee powder, you can also use cane sugar for the peeling mix. Then the mass is coarser.

6. Stroke blockages

Massages bring new energy and release the stress-reducing feel-good hormone oxytocin in the body. The best thing: An expensive massage studio doesn’t necessarily have to be – you can also help yourself. The Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami has already shown that 10 minutes of Self-massage can relieve tension per day. Here’s how: Rub oil between your hands. Work the long muscles such as the thighs and thighs with long strokes, leaving out the zones around the joints. Stroke the stomach with circular movements – do not press too hard. Work the arms with small circular movements. From the wrist to the shoulder.

7. Strengthen yourself with a healthy feel-good dinner

Orient yourself to the Mediterranean cuisine. It mainly consists of fresh vegetables, lots of fish and olive oil (instead of butter) for frying. Our favorite dinner: fried salmon on fennel vegetables. This dinner is very easy to digest and contains valuable protein and many vitamins. There is also a lot of unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil and fish.

8. Pamper the facial skin

Masks provide the skin with concentrated beauty power: on the one hand, they contain active ingredients in a concentrated form, on the other hand, the air under the skin warms them up the mask, the pores open and the active ingredients can penetrate more easily. Especially in the evening, the skin needs moisture. Mostly dry office air and too little oxygen are to blame. Brush a moisturizing mask with oils such as apricot kernel oil on your face and décolleté. Place damp compresses on top (increases the effect). Leave on for 10 minutes, wash off with warm water. Ideal for a tired eye area: fleece wipes soaked with care substances. This means that no product can crawl in the eye. Put on for 10 minutes, pat in the leftovers. Extra tip: Always follow the exposure time exactly for masks – otherwise there may be irritation or redness.

9. Pay extra attention to your hands and feet

The care finale of your after-work spa? A hand and foot massage. Put the Hedgehog ball under your feet. Roll it from your toes to your heel and back. Repeat several times. The ball also brings relaxation to the hands – the hand muscles tend to cramp due to frequent work on the PC. Place a hedgehog ball on a table and roll gently with the palm of your hand outstretched over the ball. Repeat until you feel relaxed. Then apply the cream to your hands and feet – with kneading movements and light pressure.

10. Completely calm down

Yoga, bathing, peeling, and oiling relax – and make you wonderfully tired. The job stress is forgotten, the batteries are charged for the next day. Spray a pillow spray with lavender scent for a good night’s sleep. Good night!

Written by Editorial Staff

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