This is your road map to find a job in 2020

This is your road map to find a job in 2020

Your main objective in 2020 is to find work? If the answer is yes and your priority is to reach your professional goals, it may be much easier if you have a professional road map marked.

Discover the main factors to consider as well as recommended guidelines to ensure success in your professional search in 2020.

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What should we consider to create our professional roadmap?

Like any well-executed plan, it is important to set a series of steps that will constitute the road map to find work in the year 2020.

1. Set a goal

Do you know exactly where you want to go with your job search? If you answer this question with a simple “find a job”, you are quite far from achieving your goal.

It is important to take some time to know the destination we want to reach; Know yourself professionally. This should be the first step in planning your professional career.

Where would you like to be in the next few years? Whether you want a change in the direction of your professional career, or if your goal is to access your first job, you must first stop at this question and analyze if it really aligns with your initial perspectives.

2. Focus only on the tools you need

It is likely that you have already made a list with the companies of your interest or the titles you would like to obtain to find work this 2020.

That is very good although, if we follow the employment trends that persist and will remain this new year, more and more importance is given to the skills and experiences you have to be hired.

Therefore, we recommend that you strengthen your efforts in developing those skills required for the sector of your interest and make sure to highlight them vehemently in a competency curriculum.

3. Prepare a guide with all existing alternatives to find employment

This is probably the most important step in carrying out the road map marked to find work in 2020.

Here is a very useful script with different ways to find work that you can use to complete it with the information you get according to your situation, professional interests, and the context in which you work.

Once this guide is completed, it will be very useful to use it as a checklist in your job search. If you follow it in detail, success is assured!

In this list, we show you 19 different ways to find work. Some of them you already know, but surely you had not considered using the rest …

1. The network of contacts.
2. The Placement Agencies.
3. Private Employment Portals.
4. Public Employment Portals.
5. Temporary Work Companies.
6. Job offers in the Autonomous Employment Services.
7. Internships in companies and universities.
8. Self- candidacy.
9. Professional social networks.
10. Self- employment and entrepreneurship
11. Associations of unemployed and non-governmental organizations
12. Mobile applications (app) to find work.
13. Work Orientation Centers.
14. The employment shuttles.
15. Job fairs and congresses.
16. Oppositions and competitions to access public employment.
17. The Youth Guarantee System.
18. Training courses with internships in companies.
19. Special Employment Centers and Labor Insertion Companies.

4. Show yourself open to change the route to reach the proposed goal

Keep in mind that despite your actions, 2020 will be a year marked by imbalances in the labor market and an economic slowdown.

Therefore, you should be able to adapt to any obstacle that appears in your path and that makes you depart from your initial road map. With this premise, you will avoid many frustrations in the future.

Planning a career will not always lead us to the achievement of the ideal job. However, it is important to be flexible and take the surviving experiences as something positive for learning.

Diversify the search to find employment in 2020

Whether your job search is focused on using job portals, temporary work company or network contacts, the reality is that sticking to a single job search option is making you miss many opportunities.

It is important that you bother to investigate how companies act when recruiting new workers.

Some only resort to a temporary work company. Others only to job portals on the Internet. Some use their own workers to recommend them to candidates and others look directly into job vacancies at universities and professional colleges.

There are also those that have permanently open the process of personnel selection through a section of the type ” work with us ” through its website.

Finally, more and more companies are looking for their employees by indirect means (the hidden market of job offers ).

Therefore, as we have said, do not limit yourself to just one way to look for a job. Diversify!

Know and implement the 10 indispensable competences to find work in 2020

Finally, to complete your roadmap in order to find work in 2020, do not forget to adapt your resume to the offer and incorporate any of the following skills that we will reveal below and that will be highly sought after by companies next year:

  1. Resolution of complex problems.
  2. People Management.
  3. Creativity.
  4. Critical thinking.
  5. Team Coordination
  6. Negotiation.
  7. Good ability in decision making.
  8. Customer orientation.
  9. Emotional intelligence.
  10. Cognitive flexibility.

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