Tanning quickly: the best tricks for summer tanning

Tanning quickly: the best tricks for summer tanning

he sun is shining and you’re wondering how you can get tanned quickly? Here are the best tips and tricks for a summer complexion that lasts a long time.

Most of us like tanned skin better than pale skin. No wonder that many lies outside as soon as the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm. At the beginning of spring or summer, however, the skin is still cheesy white. So how quickly do you get brown?

We have collected the best tips & tricks for naturally beautiful summer tans for you. Also, we reveal what you should pay attention to when tanning so that the golden complexion lasts a long time.

Browning faster in the sun

Of course, sunbathing helps tan the skin. But UV radiation can harm our skin. If you are in the sun to tan quickly, you should consider a few things so that the skin is tanned in the end and not fiery red.

1. It’s all in preparation

Treat your skin to a gentle one before sunbathing the evening before peeling to remove dead skin cells. This makes the skin smooth and supple and the tan nice and even.

After the peeling, a rich one Body lotion use to provide the skin with nutrients and moisture.

2. Get tanned quickly with sunscreen

Yes, you will turn brown despite sunscreen. Proper UV protection ensures that you don’t burn in the sun and protect your skin from being too early wrinkles. Therefore always apply individual sun protection at least 30 minutes before sunbathing, taking into account skin type, location and UV index. Get brown quickly – gladly! But please without sunburn.

Tip: Stay away from products such as sun oil that promise a faster tan. Although they boost melanin production, they often have no or far too low UV protection. Skin that has not yet been tanned can burn quickly!

You should only use sun oil in combination with sunscreen with sufficient sun protection factor.

3. Less is more

The desire to tan quickly makes many people careless. Especially light skin types should stay in the sun for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time. It is, therefore, better to enjoy the sun more often for a short time – this not only protects the skin, but the tan also lasts longer!

If you want to prevent the tan from fading quickly, you should also provide your skin with as much moisture as possible. Therefore: Don’t shower too hot and diligently cream! The better moisturized and healthier the skin, the longer the summer tan lasts.

Which sunscreen was convincing in our test? You can read it here!

Get brown faster with a self-tanner

With the right self-tanner, you can not only tan quicker – with the handle in the cosmetic cabinet and the absence of long sunbathing, you also treat your skin to a relaxing break!

With a few tricks, even a self-tanner can quickly cheat a natural-looking tan on the skin – without any harmful UV rays. But be careful: the artificial tan does NOT protect the skin from UV rays, sun protection must still be!

This is how you apply self-tanners properly

The self-tanner should only be a few shades darker than the natural skin color – this applies especially to very light skin. To avoid skin irritation and unloved pimples, you should shave your legs the evening before.

For a particularly even result, clean the skin before use and with one Body scrub exfoliate nice and smooth. Then with your usual one Body lotion Applying cream – not only avoids streaks but also ensures a delicate and not too dark tan.

If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to use a tinted cream. This makes it very easy to check which parts have already been creamed. Finally, don’t forget to wash your hands!

Tip: Use a tanning glove when applying – this guarantees you an almost stain-free result.

If you don’t trust yourself to apply the self-tanner, you can also go to a tanning shower. Here you can read our experience report on spray tanning.

Get tanned faster with tanning capsules

You can also help your summer tan get going with tanning capsules from the pharmacy or health food store (for example from Abtei or Tetesept). Tanning capsules contain a particularly high dosage of carotenoids, which are also found in carrots, peppers, apricots, and tomatoes, for example.

Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables can only support a change in skin tone – but to achieve the high dosage of carotenoids contained in the capsules, we would have to consume tons of carrot juice & Co. every day.

So far, tanning capsules have been considered harmless to health – and they are always better than the solarium. Nevertheless: To not look like a carrot, please don’t overdo the capsules!

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