Quarantine: That’s why you should have your hair greased now

Read here why you should definitely dare to grease your hair

Why you should have your hair greased right now

Many are currently using the time at home to “grease” their hair. So you simply no longer wash with shampoo, but at most only with water to promote the regeneration mechanism of the hair. This should help the hair to learn to care for itself again, to become less greasy, to become softer and shinier. Our editor tried it out – Read your experience here. We’ll explain again why you should definitely use your time at home to have your hair greased. Because this not only ensures beautiful hair but also has health benefits – your hair will thank you.

Why you should have your hair greased now

If the hair is washed too often, the sebum production of the scalp is stimulated. Sebum is important for the hair because it contains cholesterol, protein, and fat, which form a natural barrier against harmful bacteria and fungi. However, if too much of this is produced, the hair will regrease much faster. So it is important to bring the sebum production back into balance. Because the scalp actually manages to clean itself all by itself and keep the hair strong and healthy. If we process our hair constantly with shampoo, conditioner, and other care products, the natural sebum production comes out of balance.

Bacteria and bad smell

Are you afraid of having your hair greased because it starts to smell unpleasant after a few days? Many experience this when they do not wash their hair for a long time. But do you know where that comes from? Of washing your hair too often. Because even if the hair smells great of shampoo right after washing, its ingredients also ensure that too much sebum is produced, which settles on the scalp and traps bacteria underneath. These provide an unpleasant smell after a few days. As soon as you have managed to endure the unpleasant-smelling hair (in quarantine you can force yourself to do so), give your scalp the opportunity to take a deep breath.

Dandruff and hair loss

The use of (too many) hair care products can also lead to dandruff or, in the worst case, even hair loss. Too much sebum on the scalp is the perfect food source for microfauna – tiny creatures that roam our heads. These, in turn, can trigger dandruff and hair loss.

This is how greasing works

It is important that you really do it. It won’t be easy and unfamiliar at first, but your hair will thank you. Try to get by without shampooing as long as possible or rinse your hair with water only. You should also brush your hair several times a day to distribute the sebum to the tips.

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