Prepare your cleaning kit with these super cheap homemade cleaners!

Prepare your cleaning kit with these super cheap homemade cleaners!
Prepare your cleaning kit with these super cheap homemade cleaners!

I have always considered myself a very clean person (maybe not so tidy), but I love, I love cleaning, to a certain extent a little obsessive.

For a couple of months, I have tried to minimize my plastic consumption, from making my own homemade deodorant. And it is true that many times it is not so easy, for example, stop buying the huge bottles of floor cleaner was a drama.


Now that I have prepared my own cleaners, everything is joy, my house is spotless and I save an extra little money every month.

If you also wonder how to make household cleaners? That they are good, effective and economic. You have reached the right place!

Thanks to my beautiful colleagues from Delirious Kitchen who have shared their best tips and powerful cleaners for the bathroom, kitchen, floor and more, that is in the past!

Discover some of my favorite home cleaners, and do them! You will not regret it and I am sure that your pocket will thank you.

Although this kind of Cleaning products I buy them in the supermarket, it occurred to me to use cheaper ingredients to create my own formula.

How to make homemade PINOL, so you can save on this product and you can create it every time it runs out, are you ready?

Learn how to create homemade “PINOL”, cleaner floors!

As you surely already know, lemon is a fruit with a high content of vitamin C, like other citrus fruits, but not only that, it is also an acid that changes the PH, promoting a space free of bacteria.

Plus, this one is inexpensive and works better than chemicals. If you want to cut expenses and help planet Earth a little, this soap is for you!

Have you tried all the products they advertise on TV and can’t completely clean the surface of the stove? We share three easy (and cheap) ways to effectively solve this problem.

A homemade bathroom cleaner It can be the solution to save money, leaving the room clean, shining and with a quite pleasant aroma.

East home cleaner for hardwood floors It is very easy to make and your flats will love it, it is still much cheaper than those sold in the supermarket.

I got a good idea to create my own house cleaning floors, with natural ingredients that They DO NOT harm the environment.

Castile soap

Today I will tell you how to make a multipurpose cleaner, which will allow you to leave several areas of your home clean and free of bacteria if you want to learn how to do it, don’t stop reading!

Remember that the puppies they will always have their dirty little feet and they will smell like chips, but every time you take them out on the street or in the park, it is best to clean them to prevent them from filling with bacteria and spreading them around the house.

Today I want to share with you this homemade cleanser to remove the stickiest fat, the best of all? It is natural and very cheap.

With these natural cleansers, you will stop worrying every time you forget to buy the dish soap since these options are effective, natural and very cheap.

But do not worry, there is a way to reuse it, apart from that you will be doing something that you use every day … if you thought about soap, you were right!

To learn to do homemade soap paste It takes time, but I assure you that the result is worth it. Investing time, effort and little money makes the end result wonderful and makes you feel proud of yourself. Not limiting yourself is the key to success!

The homemade soap for clothes It is one of the greatest achievements I have with this lifestyle and, to tell the truth, my clothes are perfect, clean and keep their colors.

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