Like from a nail salon: This is how you can make baby boomer nails yourself

Like from a nail salon: This is how you can make baby boomer nails yourself
Like from a nail salon: This is how you can make baby boomer nails yourself

You are the stunning successor to classic French nails and are currently in demand in every nail salon: baby boomer nails. We’ll tell you what the new gel nail trend is all about and how you can do the fresh look yourself.

Do you want beautiful nails that go with any outfit? Then watch out: Baby boomer nails are the perfect solution for everyone who wants to give their gel nails a chic but natural look. The following applies: the shorter and more natural the nail shape, the less noticeable is that it is gel nails.

What do baby boomer nails look like?

Baby boomer nails are reminiscent of French nails – but unlike pink nails with white tips, baby boomer nails are designed in an ombré look. This creates a smooth transition between the two colors. The result, in which the white tip turns softly pink, looks particularly natural and fresh.

What do baby boomer nails look like?
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Step-by-step instructions: This is how you can make baby boomer nails yourself

You don’t want to go to the nail salon for the look? Then you can get to work yourself with special gel nail or baby boomer kits. We will tell you to step by step how you can best achieve the beautiful look.

To make baby boomer nails yourself, you need:

  • Adhesion promoter or primer
  • Pink modeling gel
  • White gel (for the tips)
  • Gloss gel (for sealing)
  • Fine gel brush
  • Buffer
  • Rosewood sticks
  • UV light curing device

You can either buy the different parts individually from different manufacturers or get a finished set straight away.

1. Prepare fingernails

In the first step, you prepare your nails as usual. Pushes the cuticle back and frees the cuticle from the cuticles with the buffer or a fine-grained nail file.

The matt nail plates are best dusted off with a large brush. If you like, you can degrease the nails with a special primer before the next step. This extends an additional die Shelf life of the gel that will be used in the next steps.

2. Harden nails with primer

In the second step, apply the foundation gel (also adhesion promoter) to your matted nails. Then let the gel dry under a UV lamp for approx. 90 seconds.

Tip: Apply the gel as thinly as possible and work it into your nails with a brush – this way it adheres even better.

3. Apply French gel to the nail tips

Once the priming gel has dried, apply the white French gel to your nail tips. For the soft ombré look, let the gel run out towards the nail bed. You can also gently blend the gel with a very fine brush and without pressure. If you are satisfied with the process, let the French Gel dry under the UV lamp for about 90 seconds.

4. Apply pink gel to all of the nails
When your bleed white tips are done, apply the pink build-up gel to all of your nails. Not surprised: Your white tips should also be completely covered by the gel – but they will reappear after modeling. When the gel is completely applied, let your nails dry again under the UV light for about 90 seconds.

5. Model and shape gel nails
Now bring your nails into your desired shape with a file. Then the hard build-up gel is sanded thinner with the buffer so that the result looks natural and the white tips can be seen again. When you’re done buffering, use a brush to remove the fine dust from your nails.

6. Seal the nails with gloss gel

For the fresh glossy look, in the last step, you make your nails shine with a transparent gel. The gel seals your baby boomer nails and creates an even, smooth finish. And voilà – the trend look is ready.

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