I’m happy? 15 questions we should ask ourselves

I'm happy? 15 questions we should ask ourselves
I'm happy? 15 questions we should ask ourselves

Am I happy with my life? Am I the way I want to be? Time for an honest inventory. Time to ask yourself some basic questions. This can sometimes work wonders.

Sometimes it happens that someone asks us: “How are you really doing?” and we start to think astonished: “Yes, how actually?” Unfortunately, this is rather rare. Because we are all too happy to fall into the daily grind and fill our lives with things that we no longer question.

It is often difficult phases or incisive experiences that only make us see everything with different eyes. With distance. And that is important and a good thing.

Maybe you too are at this point right now. You may also be wondering what’s right: wake up, change direction, stay on track? Then don’t leave it at a mere brief thought. Ask yourself the questions that seem important to you and that all too often fall by the wayside in the hamster wheel of Malochen, sleeping, eating.

Our 15 questions here should only be food for thought for you. In the end, you know better which questions are burning on your soul. But maybe they inspire you to pause for a moment and get a clear view of the essentials.

What actually makes me happy?

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you really happy – and no, that’s not just a saying. Think about it: is it really the striving for faster-higher-further that makes you happy in the long run?

Or are they much smaller things, the quiet moments that we overlook too often? Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the things that make you happy. This will help you go through life with open eyes – and even be a little happier.

When was the last time I was speechless with happiness?

That probably doesn’t happen very often. Nevertheless, you should think back to these kinds of moments, especially if you are perhaps not so well. And if you can hardly remember moments of happiness, then that also says something about your way of life. Maybe then you should change something fundamentally.

Am I a good friend?

It quickly happens that friendship goes without saying and you forget that you have to do something for it. Take some time for your friends again, listen to them and you will see: It is the interpersonal contacts that make life so beautiful. Don’t take them for granted, but take care of them.

If I died now, what would I regret not doing or saying?

In the end, you will regret much more what you have not done or tried. If you can still change things, do it! It’s never too late to apologize or start over.

Am I different when I’m with others?

We often fall into roles depending on who we are with. We try to adapt, to please, to appear smarter, more athletic, calmer, or more alert than we actually are.

It is perfectly normal for us to take on certain roles. Just as we will always remain the little sister or child in the family constellation, so it is in many other areas. Right away these roles with the picture that you yourself have of yourself. Think about who you are when you are alone and who when you are in the company. Is there a gross imbalance there? Use these insights to work on your own inner center.

What will my ecological footprint look like at the end of my life?

Honestly go through your pluses and minuses. Do you live correctly or at the expense of future generations. And if so: what can you change, which restrictions would be OK and which not?

Do I really need that in my life?

This does not only mean material things – but of course, it is incredibly good to just muck out and give away or give away everything that you no longer need. This is how you create space for something new.

But you should also ask yourself the same question about other people. Do you have someone around you who pulls you down rather than giving you strength? Who makes you cry more often than laugh? Sometimes it is better to separate yourself from these people so that you can be happy, even if it hurts in the beginning.

When was the last time I gave someone pleasure?

Was it with your best friend or even a completely strange person? Making others happy, no matter how close they are, gives you a lot. Try it out and you will see how happy it makes you.

How would I describe myself in three words?

Sometimes you set yourself up to be so many things: not so quick-tempered, patent, nicer, wiser. But you forget who you are. Ask yourself this question and it will help you see yourself and your strengths more clearly.

Who would I see as a role model for me?

Is it your parents, is it your best friend or someone completely foreign from television or the Internet?

What would I like to change in a lifetime – and what prevents me from doing it?

Quite often it happens that we do not change things because it is simply convenient to leave everything as it is. Have you always wanted to go abroad, move to another city or try a new job area? For each point, consider: what would be the worst thing that can happen? You will quickly notice that these things are often not as bad as you initially thought.

How about a person who is the complete opposite of me?

The question is difficult to answer at first glance. Go inside yourself and think about it. Would you rather be the person you are now or the opposite? It helps everyone who doesn’t like themselves enough to finally see themselves more positively.

What did my parents really want to give me for life?

Did they want you to appreciate the little things, was good graduation important to them? And: have you implemented the things that your parents wanted to give you? And were they right about what they wanted for you or are you ultimately living their life?

What nice quality have I inherited from my parents?

Yes – sometimes parents can be quite exhausting and annoying. Nevertheless, they definitely want the best for you. And there won’t be a person who will ever love you like your parents. Because the love of parents is something very special, special, with all the ups and downs that exist. So: Which character trait in you reminds you of your parents?

Does what I spend my day make sense of?

Sometimes life has become a list. With hooks that we put behind things that we think we have to do. To do that means on a small scale, spoon list seen on the whole. But take a close look at what is brought to you from outside as important and what really comes out of it.

We often pursue goals that are not our own. We try to live a life that we don’t really want to live just because “that’s how you do it”. Be completely impartial and consider whether what you spend your day in day-out with makes sense to you. And if not: do something about it.

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