How To Be a YouTuber and not die trying

How To Be a YouTuber and not die trying

If a few decades ago teenagers idolized pop icons, sports references or famous actors, today the biggest piece of cake for the popularity of the 21st century is taken by YouTubers. If you are thinking of becoming one of them, we tell you everything you need.

” Mama, I Want To Be Youtuber“, it is a phrase that should not be heard in many homes just some of the world today. And it is that millions of videos and countless key names of the so-called YouTuber culture are played daily worldwide on tablets and mobile devices of children and adolescents.

But have you ever wondered how these mainstream figures of the audiovisual culture have gotten there that manage to hook millions of people with their videos about gaming, fashion, humor, advice or simply, telling their daily life in front of a camera,  They achieve a stratospheric volume of visits monthly, fill theaters with their shows and even publish books that are a complete bestseller?

As in everything in this life, there is no infallible formula, but there are a series of minimum steps that you must complete to start your adventure as a Youtuber. In the beginning, you will have to be achieving visits and subscribers in a gradual way and without despair, betting on the constancy and some fun, fresh and original contents that have your own stamp.

Analyzing the most popular cases, what you should be clear about is that to be a YouTuber, monetize your content and reach a decent base of quality followers over time, it is not enough to upload dry videos. Talent, technical knowledge, a little spark and the ability to address your target are some of the essential qualities that we will talk about next.

What do I need to become a YouTuber?

  • A good camera and knowledge of editing: Do not start an adventure on YouTube without technical knowledge or the result could be poor, poorly valued and cause for mockery by users who follow you. It is important that you have a decent camera and notions of audiovisual editing – or delegate this task to a person skilled in this topic – since a YouTube video requires visual ingredients that hook the audience like effects, filters, stickers or fades. Today there are numerous free storytelling and visual storytelling tools at your disposal.
  • A space to record: You may want to make yourself a gamer, travel YouTuber or simply, your plan is to make daily – daily videos recounting experiences and everyday adventures – but it is important that you prepare the recording space, look for good lighting conditions and make it disappear off the screen all the aspects that hinder the quality of the video – a messy room, a bad framing or poor lighting give a shabby and lackluster result.
  • What topic do you want to discuss? : Improvisation is good in some creative areas, but if you want to be a YouTuber you must plan thoroughly the contents you want to deal with, circumscribe yourself to one or several specific areas and try to succeed with them, connecting with your audience.
  • To study and practice! : Take time to investigate and deepen the chosen theme. You can not be a good gamer if you do not know the latest news of video games that reach the market, or YouTuber fashion if you do not delve into the latest trends. If you have decided to be a didactic YouTuber and talk about politics, television series, movies, feminism, history or literature, you must transform the knowledge previously acquired and worked into an entertaining speech that brings value to your audience. It is highly recommended to use YouTube as a user rather than as a creator to better understand its operation.
  • X-ray to your audience: Who are you talking to? It is not the same to make telephone jokes or experiments for twelve-year-old kids than to analyze the last season of the Game of Thrones for adults or to have a channel oriented to culinary recipes, childcare or to carry out crafts or DIY actions. Age, demographics and socio-cultural characteristics, aesthetic tastes and the main hobbies of your audience are very important guidelines that you must determine in advance.
  • Define your character: On the characteristics of your target depends the construction of a tone and a language – what in literature would be considered the author’s voice – aimed at achieving closeness and connection with that target audience. To succeed, it is important that you manage to make yourself, building a character that suits you – no matter how natural you are, you will not be the same person as in your private life, but a cultural product that seeks to commercialize by offering interesting content.

  • Design your header and your logo: As a company, you must have a striking corporate image that becomes a constant throughout your videos. Who knows, maybe in the future it will be printed on t-shirts and other merchandise.
  • Have a calendar of contents: Like any famous blogger or content marketing platform of a company, it is very important that you mark the days and times of your publications since when these go viral your followers will wait for that moment to consume your content. You can start betting on uploading two videos on a weekly basis and on alternate days – Monday and Wednesday, for example. Plan your next three or four videos in advance so you don’t run out of ideas.
  • Proof + originality: Do not violate the planned calendar, resort to brainstorming and other creative techniques to plan your next appearances on YouTube and above all, bet on originality -there are some themes more manicured than others-, without copying the editing style or the way of talking about other platform icons and attracting attention with explicit, fresh and attractive titles for the audience.
  • Listen to your community: It is very important that you interact with your followers, listen to their complaints, suggestions, and proposals about your content, and request their participation and feedback through calls to action at the end of the video – what do you think of Your last purchase ?, Have you lived an experience similar to yours ?, What is the most fun that has happened to you in a family meal? -. As in restaurants, the customer is always right. 
  • Use Youtube Analytics to measure your success: Learn about this tool at the following linkWith it, you can monitor the performance of the channel and videos using metrics and updated reportsThere is a huge amount of data available distributed in different reports, such as the time of viewing, traffic sources or demographic data, which will help you constantly improve.
  • Position your videos for SEO: Include keywords in the titles and descriptions of your videos to help them be found before the rest. In this article, we provide you with a complete guide to optimize this aspect and gain considerably in a number of visits thanks to good positioning. Use the Google Keyword Planner to find the most appropriate keywords, next to the YouTube search engine.
  • Spread your videos through other social channels: Especially during the initial phase of launching your channel, promotion through all possible marketing tools is essential. Create a strong Social Media strategy,  generate hype in networks before uploading a video and complete your content with a blog or newsletter.
  • Search for partners and monetize your content: Once you have achieved a considerable fan base you can look for sponsors and brands that send you free products to test -as in the case of video games, food brands, drones, technology, toys, etc- or that publicize -without passing you, since purely narrative or didactic content should always have a much higher proportion than commercials-, subscribe to an affiliate program  or, the most recurring option, monetize your content through the YouTube Partners Program, With four basic steps:
    • Enable monetization on your channel
    • Link the channel to a Google Ads account
    • Check the criteria for videos and ad formats
    • Monetize videos with ads
  • Enjoy the experience! : Being a YouTuber can become a great experience to show the world your worth, your charm, your courage, your humorous gifts, your taste for fashion, your skills with video games, your ability to analyze series or books, explain theories or do May your experiences be valuable and useful to other people. 

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