Goodbye to coronavirus boredom: the best hobbies for indoors

We have collected the best hobbies for indoors so that you don’t get too bored during the Coronavirus curfew and time flies by.

Until a lockdown is imposed, it only seems to be a matter of time. Then no one is allowed to go outside, not just those who have allegedly been in contact with people who test positive for Corona (apart from the fact that you can, of course, go out to look after yourself, go to the doctor and other exceptional cases).

So we can look forward to a longer corona lockdown. Hardly anyone is used to sitting at home for days and weeks and especially on weekends (!). Ideally alone, so that you can not catch anything.

New situations require new hobbies

Many popular (social) activities are currently falling flat, so those new hobbies are needed during the Coronvirus crisis.

Unfortunately, you have to do without these hobbies for now:

  • Sports (Gym, Swimming pool, clubs)
  • Travel and short trips
  • Shopping (except Online shopping)
  • Celebrations (parties, discos, clubs)
  • Dating (except Online dating)
  • Eating, grilling & cocktails (restaurants, bars, cafes, beer gardens)
  • Visit the cinema, theater, and opera
  • Go to the museum, stadium or zoo
  • Attend festivals and concerts
  • Check out flea markets
  • Bowling or bowling

So that you don’t get square eyes because of all the binge-watching, we present you the best hobbies for indoors. We focus on simple ones Indoor activities that you don’t need other people for.

This ensures variety and entertainment. Because believe us, even isolated singles can do more than just play solitaire – goodbye to corona boredom!

1. Hobbies for indoors: upcycling and crafts

You can always beautify something at home. Give your old furniture a fresh coat of paint, paper the walls, or re-covers the pillows – with simple one’s Upcycling ideas you create a cozy atmosphere. You will eventually need them in the near future.

You can now also hone your sleeping craft talents. There are many explanatory videos on YouTube Sewing, knitting, embroidery, and crochet. You collect inspiration for free on Pinterest.

The necessary material can be conveniently ordered online: from wool and embroidery frames to creative DIY instructions for clothes, accessories, or cute cuddly toys.

Pro tip: If you want to do something useful in your Corona free time, you can dedicate yourself to old clothes, sew them around, patch holes or replace broken zippers. Or you can get your bike in shape for the summer season. You will be happy about that after the Corona period.

2. Hobbies for indoors: painting and handicrafts

Painting and handicrafts are what for children? Only people who have no imagination say that. Because when designing you are absolutely free, can let out aggressions and express yourself.

Have a look in your closets, what you can still find in craft supplies. Most watercolors, for example, still have at home. Add some cardboard or paper and you are busy for a few hours.

Here is a list of possible craft projects for inspiration:

  • Drawing comic
  • Design tattoos
  • Press flowers
  • Pour candles
  • Tinker mobile
  • Design cups
  • Tinker jewelry
  • Fold origami
  • Make rainbow
  • Make picture frames yourself
  • Make coasters out of polymer clay
  • Make soap yourself

Those who prefer to be guided creatively can fall back on artistic hobby kits. Also with a painting by numbers, mandalas, or coloring books for adults. The time can be passed during the Corona curfew.

Another great hobby for indoors, which combines employment with a positive deed, are self-made greeting cards. So you can not only write a personal letter to your loved ones, but also give them a special treat with an individually designed card.

Our tip: With the Anti-boredom box from iDesign Box* you can decorate great cards and decorate them with adhesive film. Does that sound like a good plan? Thanks to our exclusive deal, you can currently buy the craft box for only 19.95 instead of 25.95 euros! Simply enter our discount code “DESIGNDEAL” in the shopping cart and save 23%.

Pro tip: In the broadest sense, image processing also belongs to painting and handicrafts. Whether with professional programs such as Photoshop or via cell phone apps: rummage through your old photo cards, load old vacation photos onto your computer or print out digital photos. From this, ingenious collages or personal photo albums can be created.

3. Hobbies for indoors: cooking and baking

Beggars can not be choosers? Nonsense. Now he really turns up and conjures up the best dishes! During the Corona curfew, you have enough time to think outside the box, to try new recipes and with Conservation methods, and experimenting with ingredients.

Culinary world tour: Instead of traveling, you can go on vacation with international recipes Italy, Asia or that near East do.

Baking can even be therapeutic. There is also a lot to discover here: From Low carb baking without flour by Bake without sugar. At the latest, eating all the delicious cakes, cakes and muffins will make you feel happy.

Family bakery: If you have children, you can help them with corona boredom bake cookies and Decorate cookies employ.

If cooking and baking are too boring for you as a hobby, you can go one better and get involved in Food photography to practice. Keep your self-made creations for the general public and share them on social networks.

Pro tip: Photographing and shooting videos are two extremely versatile leisure activities. Instead of just catching food and drinks, you can also publish photos of new makeup ideas or the like. If you are really ambitious, you can build your own homepage for your photos – also a good long-term hobby.

4. Hobbies for indoors: reading and writing

Bookworms have it easy in times of Corona. All you need is a cozy place at home and you finally have the leisure to devote yourself to all the accumulated books that you always wanted to read.

Let others read to you: If you do not like to read, you can spend time with exciting audiobooks or entertaining Podcasts to fill. Those who are ill in bed also benefit from this.

If you get bored with reading in the long run, you can become an author yourself. Maybe you always had the idea for your own (screenplay) book or short story in the head, but so far no time to write it down.

Or you start a dream diary and finally find out what all these strange dreams mean. You can find out more here: Interpret dreams: The most important symbols in the interpretation of dreams.

Pro tip: The distance that we inevitably have to keep to our loved ones because of the Coronavirus can easily be bridged with self-written letters. This can become a hobby if you are in Calligraphy or hand lettering practices.

5. Indoor hobbies: yoga and meditation

Concern about the effects of Covid-19 is stressing all of us. To relax, a regular yoga session can work wonders. The Meditate can also become a new hobby and fortunately also works indoors.

Balancing the body and mind is always a good idea, not just during the lockdown. If yoga is too boring for you, you can Power workout for at home to attempt. For home training, you usually don’t need more than your own body weight.

You can find many simple but effective fitness exercises for at home here:

More ideas for leisure activities during curfew:

  • Play games on PC, Gameboy or other consoles
  • Solve puzzles, sudoku, crossword puzzles
  • Watch films and series (e.g. Amazon Prime subscription or Disney + subscription) *
  • New music and Discover podcasts
  • Make music yourself (if instrument available)
  • Place wellness day at home (with face mask and manicure)
  • Take care of houseplants and grow new seedlings
  • Play with pets and teach tricks
  • Muck out the household and clean up
  • Clear out the garage, basement or attic
  • clean windows
  • Terrace or Furnish the balcony comfortably and relax
  • Learn a new language or take an online course
  • Make calls with friends/family (including video calls)

We hope you enjoy discovering new opportunities – maybe you will find a new hobby this way.

Written by Editorial Staff

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