Find out what is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting

A few days ago during the meal, my husband and I discussed the situation that the World is going through due to coronavirus.


At the end of our conversation, we decided to disinfect our house, but we realized that we had a different idea of ​​what that meant.

Investigating we realized that it is not the same disinfect and clean the house. So today I will tell you what makes these actions so different, take note!

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The cleaning of home It is a process or action that seeks to remove all dirt from any surface, area, object, or bedroom, this does not mean that everything will be disinfected.

In fact, cleaning is only based on remove germs and decrease the amount and risk of spreading disease.


Many of the products we use to clean have physicochemical properties that help to eliminate microorganisms, but being cleaners or detergents, they cannot completely exterminate them.



While the action of disinfect looks for the total elimination of harmful microorganisms, as well as avoiding their development.

This process does not clean surfaces, although it does considerably reduce the risk of spreading infections and diseases such as coronavirus.


As for the products used, some may be commercial, such as chlorine or alcohol, but it is necessary that they contain specific assets to eliminate all the microorganisms harmful to health.



* Before buying any disinfectant or cleaner, Check the label to see if it is certified by a health entity.

* Check that the product is domestic use and do not harm your health.

* Before using any product, read the instructions for use.

* Wear gloves and a mask. Yes, both for cleaning and disinfecting your home.

* Wash your hands once you’re done.

* Perform these processes daily.

* Be careful with the use of chemicals and avoid mixing them.

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I hope this information is useful to you and better clarifies the difference between cleaning and disinfecting.

Written by Editorial Staff

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