Do you prefer to be alone? Then maybe you are a genius!

Do you prefer to be alone with yourself and really not a born entertainer? That could be a sign of high intelligence, science says.

Do you prefer to cuddle up on your sofa blanket in the evening instead of moving around with friends or sitting in the restaurant? What others call “unsocial” seems normal to introverts who like to be alone. And indeed – so science claims – loners have a very special property: They should be above average intelligence.

The discovery came from researchers from the Singapore Management University and the London School of Economics who conducted a large-scale study involving over 15,000 participants. The young people were all between 18 and 28 and were asked to answer various questions about their current residential area, their surroundings, and their social contacts. Intelligence tests were later carried out on them. The first result of the study was surprising: the less densely populated an area, the happier the people who lived there. In addition, regular contact with friends made her happier.

“Savannah Theory of Happiness”

But then the researchers made another exciting discovery: Apparently, it was precisely this result that did not affect people with an above-average intelligence too. The more they had contact with their friends, the more dissatisfied they were with their lives. How can this discovery be explained? With the “Savanna Theory of Happiness”.

Our satisfaction is influenced not only by the current but also by the lifestyle of our ancestors. The “hunters and gatherers” were adapted to life in small groups with frequent contact and close ties to friends – which contradicts our city life today with many changing social contacts. Intelligent people – according to scientists – have no problem adapting quickly to the new circumstances and still (happily) being alone.

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