Coronavirus: What effects does quarantine have on our skin?

Coronavirus: What effects does quarantine have on our skin?
Coronavirus: What effects does quarantine have on our skin?

Not much outside in front of the computer and on the cell phone: what the quarantine does to our skin and what you can do now.

Too much blue light

We are currently spending a lot of time on our laptops, tablets and cell phones and are therefore exposed to considerable doses of blue light. Keywords: digital aging. This not only leads to sleep disorders or eye swelling but also brings with it skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, a pale complexion, and susceptibility to wrinkles.

What you can do now: First of all, you should try to limit consumption. Read e.g. right now it would be better to have a “real” book than to devour the novel digitally. To promote cell regeneration, drainages and invigorating massages (e.g. with the Foreo Luna 3) help to stimulate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Stressed skin

Uncertainty and concern for our health or for our loved ones cause our stress level and consequently our cortisol level to explode. This hormone is the culprit when it comes to pimples because it increases both the production of sebum and the production of inflammation-promoting substances in the body. To counteract this, you should try to treat yourself to moments of rest and relaxation. Do yoga or go for a walk. In the long term, a balanced diet with omega-3 and magnesium supports as well as the reduction of cortisol-increasing foods such as coffee or alcohol.

What you can do now: Facial masks (e.g. with activated carbon or green tea) help to treat inflamed skin immediately. The active ingredients are anti-inflammatory, cleansing and antibacterial.

The temptation of the fridge

Our fridges are full and the temptation to loot the supplies is great, especially in moments of boredom. The calorie consumption of our body automatically decreases in times of isolation because our movement is limited, and that is why we should pay special attention to our diet. Excessive consumption, especially of sweets, supplies the body with more carbohydrates than it needs for metabolism, and excess glucose is produced. This disrupts the production of elastin and collagen, which can sink the skin and promote wrinkles.

What you can do now: To stimulate blood circulation, cell regeneration, and collagen production, a targeted message and a face mask with collagen are recommended.

Lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D formed by the sun is essential for our body, especially for the calcium balance and the mineralization of the bones. Due to the domestic quarantine, we do not always manage to reach our daily sun dose of 20 minutes a day.

What you can do now: Take a sunny workplace by the window and add vitamin D in tablet or drop form. Also, go out for a short (!) Day in the sun.

Constant temperatures

Our skin, like our body, needs certain temperature stimuli in order to maintain blood circulation and elasticity.

What you can do now: Take regular walks and ventilate the rooms. This not only gets the circulation going, but it also drives the skin out of tiredness. In addition, mask treatments with thermal and cryotherapy work for a controlled temperature stimulation of the skin. Also good: a cooling mask for the face or if necessary Ice cubes.

Big plus: the skin can recover

The insulation naturally also has a positive effect on our skin because it is less exposed to air pollution, free radicals, and UV radiation and we paste it with less make-up. So it can regenerate itself.

Nevertheless, you should not neglect the skin cleaning, because house dust and sweat in your own four walls also leave their residue and should be removed thoroughly in the evening. This works e.g. with facial cleaning brushes (e.g. made of hygienic silicone).

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