Coronavirus: What does the antibody test bring?

Coronavirus: What does the antibody test bring?
Coronavirus: What does the antibody test bring?

Coronavirus antibody tests are becoming increasingly common. What is the test good for and where can you have it done?

Anyone who has had an infection with Covid-19 has antibodies against it Coronavirus in blood. Thanks to the antibodies, recovered patients are likely to be immune to the virus for the time being.

In order to assess the corona situation, it is important to know how many people are already immune. You can find out with tests that detect antibodies in the blood.

The more people are immune, the better it would be. Because they can no longer spread the virus. If many people are immune, that would be an argument for possible ones Loosening of the coronavirus measures.

Fast and reliable antibody test on the market

However, previous tests have sometimes given false-positive results. A Swiss pharmaceutical company has now developed a new test procedure that should be particularly quick and safe.

The test is far less likely to produce false-positive results than conventional antibody tests. The error rate is only 0.19 percent. It should deliver the result in just 18 minutes. However, the blood samples must be evaluated in a laboratory.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has agreed that the company will take these tests Health facilities to deliver. Should be in May Medical practices, Hospitals and other facilities received around three million of these tests. In the next few months, there will be five million tests per month.

Who can be tested for antibodies where?

The test is already available, but not yet in every clinic. The tests will not be available in pharmacies. If you want to be tested, you can go to a doctor or to the hospital.

It is not yet certain whether and for whom the health insurance companies will pay for the tests. However, private individuals can have themselves tested at the doctor as self-payers. The company has not yet announced the exact cost of a test.

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Written by Virgilio Arcuri


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