Can I get sick from Coronavirus if I don’t wash the food?

Can I get sick from Coronavirus if I don't wash the food?
Can I get sick from Coronavirus if I don't wash the food?

During the last weeks, the Coronavirus has increased, so we have been asked to take certain preventive measures to fight the virus.

Every time you go out to Supermarket the cares are greater and they usually ask you that once you get home you need to disinfect everything and wash the food.


That is why the following question arose in me: If I don’t wash the food can I get coronavirus?

wash the vegetables

According to World Health Organization (WHO), A possible contagion can occur because a person inhales the small particles that are expelled by a COVID-19 infected patient who coughs or sneezes since these particles can fall on objects and surfaces that become infected.

That is why it is asked to keep a certain distance (1 meter), avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.


But in the case of the food we buy, The reality is that there is NO evidence as such to show that packaging, as well as food shells and packaging, are a source of transmission.

Studies carried out by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Europe, confirm that to this day there are no cases of contagion from consuming food or touching “contaminated” items.

washing food

Although the United States Food and Drug Administration recommends that, If there is concern that any food packaging that has been recently bought in the supermarket is infected, the first thing to do when you get home is to WASH YOUR HANDS, wipe with a disinfectant on the surface and wash your hands again.

The WHO also recommends disinfecting surfaces that are created infected to kill the virus and protect each other.

washing food

In my experience, if there is concern that coronavirus particles have reached food packaging, It would be best to wear gloves during our visit to the supermarket, wash our hands when we get home, disinfect as much as possible, and before cooking wash everything perfectly, disinfect fruits and vegetables and cook meats.

I assure you that this will leave you much calmer.

Do not forget to follow the cleaning protocols and those indications that the supermarket managers indicate.

washing food


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