Beautify the garden: The 7 most beautiful balcony and garden trends 2020

Beautify the garden: The 7 most beautiful balcony and garden trends 2020
Beautify the garden: The 7 most beautiful balcony and garden trends 2020

Do you want to spice up your balcony or garden? We show you how you can do it in just a few simple steps and introduce you to the seven most beautiful balcony and garden trends for 2020.

With rising temperatures, many of us spend as much time as possible in the fresh air – at the moment, of course, especially in our own garden or on our balcony. You don’t have to have a super luxurious garden with a pool and a swing set to feel good.

With just a few simple steps, you can transform your garden or balcony into an oasis of wellbeing. Let yourself be inspired by the balcony and garden trends 2020.

1. Garden lighting

A trend that really comes into its own in the evening: lighting in the garden. Regardless of whether LED lights, fairy lights or special spotlights – this year you will hardly be able to avoid this trend. And rightly so: the lights create an incredibly cozy atmosphere, especially lights in warm white create a very pleasant light. Of course, it becomes particularly romantic with candles (including artificial ones)!

2. Garden accessories

Accessories not only look good in the home but also outside. That is why we are now taking candles, flowers and other decorative accessories outside. Treat your patio like your living room when it comes to decorating. It becomes really cozy with an outdoor carpet! At the moment they are not only trendy, but they also cover unsightly or uncomfortable terrace floors.

3. Outdoor living room

The next trend summarizes what is already indicated with the first two trends very well. It’s about converting your own terrace into a living room. A terrace no longer has to consist of just a large garden table and a few metal chairs. We like it cozy from now on! So come on with the comfortable lounge corner and lots of pillows!

4. Wooden furniture

If you have no space for a large lounge corner, you can of course also use smaller pieces of furniture. Furniture made of wood is the trend here this year.

Furniture made of wood has the advantage that it almost always looks high-quality and gives warmth to every bare balcony. So that the wooden furniture does not look old-fashioned, you can pimp it with bright pillows, for example.

5. Wood-look terrace floor

Wood is not only popular this year in the form of furniture, but also on the floor. If you are currently annoyed about your unsightly, gray floor on the balcony or in the garden, you can replace it with a few simple steps through a wooden floor.

If you don’t feel like sawing wooden boards and laboriously fixing them, you can also use vinyl flooring. This looks very similar to real wood but is installed much faster. In addition, it is extremely easy to clean.

6. Raised beds

Raised beds are also very popular this year. They are not only totally trendy and decorative but also have a very decisive advantage over the classic flower bed. If you want to work on the bed, you don’t have to bend down to the ground every time: And: to save space as they are, they also fit on a balcony.

Raised beds come in different designs. You can either build your raised bed yourself, or you can buy a finished frame and save yourself a lot of work.

7. Water in the garden

A trend that is not really new, but is still very topical: water in the garden. Whether in the form of a small pond or a stylish fountain: the sound of rippling water has something extremely soothing and triggers holiday feelings. It’s best to sit outside after a hard day, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the water.

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