Bathroom decoration: The bathroom also becomes a feel-good room

Bathroom decoration: The bathroom also becomes a feel-good room
Bathroom decoration: The bathroom also becomes a feel-good room

So much love is put into furnishing our four walls. Only the bathroom is often neglected. A little bathroom decoration can do a lot.

We actually spend a lot of time in the bathroom. The bathroom is the first room we enter in the morning. We get into it sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, and we also want to be able to relax with a full bath. Even a small guest toilet should be a place where our visit feels comfortable – and sooner or later everyone will see the bathroom.

Bathroom decoration: The bathroom also becomes a feel-good room

Nevertheless, you usually look in vain for lovingly selected decorations or beautiful furnishings in the bathroom. You can in the small bathroom make a big difference with just a little decoration.

We’ll tell you how and with which bathroom decoration you can conjure up a small oasis of wellbeing in no time at all.

First things first: the mirror

The mirror is the heart of every bathroom. Under no circumstances should you just hang the mirror that was already in the bathroom when you moved in. Treat yourself to an upgrade and buy a mirror that will make your heart beat faster.

The right mirror makes the bathroom appear larger. It gives the impression of more light in the bathroom and it can even be a kind of window replacement if you don’t have a daylight bathroom. We cannot emphasize it often enough: the mirror is your most important decorative element in the bathroom. Don’t save at this point.

The good thing is that you can easily take the mirror with you if you move. If it no longer fits into the new bathroom, it can find a new place in the hallway or even in the living room. Decorating with mirrors is always possible.

Feel free to use a special model in the mirror. The frame may have failed. The mirror can be big. The background is that the mirror in the bathroom should be your eye-catcher. After all, what else does the bathroom always notice first? Right, to the toilet. We want to avoid that because we want a stylish bathroom. So: Bring the eye-catcher mirror!

Towels as bathroom decorations

Towels hang in every bathroom, of course, but mostly they are purely functional. Very few invest in beautiful towels. They don’t even have to be expensive. Throw out the old towels that you still inherited from mom. Instead, skilfully stages a few beautiful towels.

Towels can also be a nice way to add some color to the bathroom. Also nice: Show towel sets by showing them folded nicely or draping them in a basket.

Just show what you love

A bathroom is a place that is often served. There are many tubes, tigels and packs on every surface. If you add decoration now, the overall look of the room doesn’t get any better.

What you should do instead: Openly show only what gives you pleasure. However, you do not have to dispose of the rest according to Marie Kondo. It is enough if you hide everything else. Get baskets, chests and bathroom furniture with closet doors. So the chaos is hidden and your surfaces in the bathroom are free.

Important bathroom decorative elements are therefore beautiful order aids such as soap dispensers, cotton swab holders or cotton pad dispensers.

Bathroom decoration: scented candles

Bathroom decoration: scented candles

Scented candles are often used for decoration – but mostly not in the bathroom. A scented candle can make a big difference as a bathroom decoration!

Put a nice scented candle on a tray and maybe a small bowl for jewelry. You already have a stylish eye-catcher for your storage. If you then take a bath, you can light the scented candle and benefit twice. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can set up a nice room scent instead.

Bathroom decoration: a stylish laundry basket

A laundry basket can be found in almost every bathroom. Often, however, it is only practical laundry baskets that can be packed in doubt and carried to the washing machine. Very few are decorative. There are many beautiful models.

Regards laundry baskets not just as a necessity, but as a bathroom decoration. Part of the facility, so to speak. Use it to bring more material or even color to the facility. It is precisely this mix of materials and colors that makes a bathroom cozy.

Bathroom decoration: uses the walls

Space in the bathroom is often in short supply. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate the room because of it. Of course, caution is required with murals. Most would suffer from high humidity.

But there is nothing against other wall decorations or small shelves on which you can distribute decorations and plants. Bare walls are a guarantee for an uncomfortable room.

Bathroom decoration: textiles are also important

A classic bath mat does not always have to be in the bathroom. A bath mat is, of course, useful before the shower. But you can also place a carpet in a guest toilet.

In a large bathroom, you can layout a carpet in addition to the bath mat. The important thing here is that you can easily clean the carpet in the washing machine.

Carpets can be a great way to add structure to the bathroom. Most surfaces in the bathroom are similar, which is why bathroom decoration with a different structure is so important. A carpet with a different color and special material can break up the monotonous bathroom design and thus give the room more style.

Bathroom decoration: the power of the shower curtain

The shower curtain should also work as part of the bathroom decoration. This is a large area that you would otherwise lose. Pick a beautiful pattern and use it as the linchpin that your whole color concept is based on.

Remember: you should like it, but too much of a good thing is not good either. So stick to a color palette.

Bathroom decoration: the color concept

Yes, even a bathroom should have a well-thought-out color concept, otherwise, the bathroom decoration will quickly look like herbs and beets. Usually, you have a free choice of colors.

In most bathrooms, however, the tile and tile colors are already specified. If you live in a rented apartment, you won’t be able to change anything that easily. It is therefore advisable to choose colors that match the existing color concept.

Bathroom decoration: the color concept

Here are 4 ideas for bathroom decorations that you will love!

White-black-brown: With white tiles and tiles you have almost free choice and can implement many beautiful color concepts. However, black and white accessories look particularly stylish. Elements made of wood balance the look.

Sand colors: Sandy shades such as beige or warm gray appear relaxed and cool. The color beige has long left its boring image behind. Beige is absolutely the trend. The color can be beautifully combined with natural, maritime decor such as shells or starfish. You can also choose a white-gold combination that looks particularly classy.

Blue tones: Blue colors are timeless and calm. Because of the association with water, blue is very popular for bathrooms. However, you do not always have to resort to classic light blue. How about an invigorating turquoise, rich dark blue or cool petrol?

Green tones: Even green colors do not have to be taboo in the bathroom. On the contrary: the unexpected color can be exactly the style highlight that your bathroom needs.

Bathroom decoration: plants as icing on the cake

Bathroom decoration: plants as icing on the cake
Bathroom decoration: plants as icing on the cake

If this has not already happened: Look for a way to integrate plants into your bathroom decoration. Houseplants make a huge difference.

A large plant next to the shower, a hanging plant next to the window, there are even small plants for the shower (!) – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that a little green comes into the bathroom. This gives the room more liveliness and even purifies the air.

Bathroom decoration: the light makes the difference

Light is the be-all and end-all in every room. However, several light sources are required for a harmonious atmosphere. Two lights next to the mirror provide optimal light for getting ready. Warmer room lighting, on the other hand, creates a comfortable atmosphere for the rest of the day. Ideally, the light is even dimmable. So you can adapt the lighting to your needs.

Important for the lighting: You can also use special lamps in the bathroom. It is even more important here because the bathroom furnishings are usually fixed and often not very decorative. Accessories such as lamps or mirrors are the few things that you can choose according to your taste.

You should use this: You should like both the wall lamps and the ceiling lamp and match your interior style – just like the other lamps in the house. There is no point in having lamps afterward that light up the room but frustrate you every time you see them. So: Don’t just think functionally.

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