Attention! These are the 10 biggest mistakes when vacuuming

Attention! These are the 10 biggest mistakes when vacuuming
Attention! These are the 10 biggest mistakes when vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the things we do without thinking. And that is exactly what it takes! Here are the biggest mistakes in vacuuming. Please avoid it immediately!

Are you one of those people who find it extremely satisfying when the vacuum cleaner noisily sucks in dust and dirt? I’m sure I’m not alone with that. Vacuuming is simply one of the most efficient household chores. Provided it is done correctly. And here are some traps. Because as simple as vacuuming looks, some things can go wrong.

That’s why I took a closer look at the matter for you and discovered fatal errors in vacuuming that you should avoid.

1. Just vacuum

You just start vacuuming and vacuum everything that’s still around? Or worse: you suck before you wipe dust?

Stop it! If you only suck around chairs & co., Then you won’t catch many woolly mice at all. Not to mention the dust that falls on the floor when you wipe the surface. The result of your premature urge to act: The room is fully dusted faster than you can pull the vacuum cleaner through the apartment.

The first step in vacuuming is, therefore: dust off everything that is on top. You can then vacuum away the clouds of dust that trickle onto the floor. Before vacuuming, clear the floor.

Means: Chairs on the tables (on this occasion you can also vacuum the underside of the feet) and plants that stand on the floor clear up. If possible, you should tap out carpets thoroughly outside and then vacuum them off.

2. Pull-on the vacuum cleaner (cable)

I am one of the people who push the vacuum cleaner cable to the limit. I tear and tear on it to get to the last corner. Although I know that the cable length is no longer sufficient. I am not doing anything good for the vacuum cleaner or the socket.

Therefore, the following applies as of today: Change the socket in between and make sure that the cable always has enough play. If you don’t have a socket nearby, you need an extension cable.

Or: You buy a cordless vacuum cleaner. This finally puts an end to the cable problem.

3. Push the vacuum cleaner instead of pulling it

Go inside yourself: How do you suck? Do you listlessly push the vacuum cleaner in front of you or do you pull it lovingly towards you? The former is wrong! Because you just keep pushing the dirt and dust. It is correct to pull the vacuum cleaner towards you because then it will also vacuum thoroughly.

This becomes particularly clear with carpets. When vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner sticks to the surface and can fully utilize its suction power. When pushing, however, he only stumbles over the carpet.

4. Use the wrong attachment

Speaking of carpet – here is the next mistake when vacuuming: You are using the wrong attachment. In high-quality vacuum cleaners, there are various attachments for carpets, upholstered furniture or other surfaces. There are also small corner brushes with which you can clean fine narrow spaces.

So do not be too lazy in the future to change the attachments, because this is the only way to vacuum properly.

5. Wrong suction order

Before I thought about proper vacuuming, I did the following. I went into the room with the vacuum cleaner and sucked in front of me until I reached the corners. Then I changed the room. Only now do I know that this is not the best way to remove all dust.

It is better to start in the corners and then gradually pull the vacuum cleaner towards your body as described above. So you won’t miss a job.

By the way: Vacancies that are often forgotten, such as space under the cupboards, should be vacuumed first. Experience has shown that most dust mice live there.

6. Change vacuum cleaner bag too rarely

Your vacuum cleaner sounds weaker over time and somehow doesn’t seem to vacuum as thoroughly? The fault is not with him, but with you! Because mostly a too-full bag is to blame for the loss of suction power.

You should change the vacuum cleaner bag every 3 months in a small apartment. If you suck a lot or have pets, you should replace the bag more often.

In between, simply check how full the vacuum cleaner bag is. If it is filled, then get out and put in new ones!

Tip for the lazy: Get a bagless vacuum cleaner.

7. Do not replace the vacuum cleaner filter

The loss of suction power cannot be due to the bag being too full? Then a too dirty motor filter could be the problem. The filter is located in many vacuum cleaners below the vacuum bag, so it has to be removed before changing.

If it is completely dusted, it must be replaced. Important: pull out the plug beforehand! By the way, you can order replacement filters for your vacuum cleaner model online.

8. Do not set the height correctly

Do you have after vacuuming Back pain? Then you have probably not set the height correctly. Many vacuum cleaner tubes can be adjusted in height like a telescopic rod.

Before you start, you should check which height is comfortable for you. You shouldn’t have to hump when vacuuming, but should be able to stand upright.

9. Be too fast on the road

In our apartment, many corners and edges have black streaks because I was thundered when I vacuumed them. Are you feeling the same? Then you should handle the device a little more gently in the future. Make sure that you do not pull the vacuum cleaner too quickly and forcefully.

This way you avoid that it hits the walls or possibly even tips over. Careful handling extends the life of your vacuum cleaner.

Tip: With a dirt eraser you get the stripes on the walls away again.

10. Have the wrong model

Do you hate vacuuming like the plague? Maybe you just don’t match. For example, I don’t get along well with my friend’s vacuum cleaner model. I like it very much. If you want to buy a new vacuum cleaner, you should inform yourself well beforehand and define what is important to you.

Should the vacuum cleaner be particularly smooth or do you need a device with a telescopic tube due to its size that can be extended as long as possible? A wireless vacuum cleaner or a vacuum robot may also be the right choice for you.

Written by Editorial Staff

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