April Fools’ Day 2020: The 7 Best Prank Ideas during Quarantine

April Fools' Day 2020: The 7 Best Prank Ideas during Quarantine
April Fools' Day 2020: The 7 Best Prank Ideas in Corona Times

Given the coronavirus crisis, we can all use a little distraction. Get ready for seven fun Prank ideas for April 1st! A toilet paper gag is also included.

Replacing cola with soy sauce, taping remote control sensors with scotch tape or filling donuts with mayonnaise – there are many ways to fool friends and family. Because on April 1st everyone is a little paranoid and behind everything one April Fool’s Day weather, we always have to come up with something new so that we don’t get caught up.

This also applies, if not particularly, in the times of Corona. At the moment everyone can probably use a little cheer. It should be about distraction, not scaremongering. So please no bad jokes about the disease. “Companions” such as hamster purchases, on the other hand, are welcome to be put on the peg as pranks.

Because of the nationwide ban on contacts, your family or shared flat members are the predestined victims for your April fools’ joke this year. We have therefore selected extra joke ideas for which you do not have to leave the house.

Let’s start with our seven Prank ideas for at home!

1st Prank idea for children for April 1st: Freeze granola

In the Coronavirus period, you have your children around you all the time. On April 1st, you can retaliate with a little prank from your dear pests for daily chaos.

That’s how it’s done: Fills one (or more) cereal bowls with milk and cereal. Spoon in and freeze the bowl and its contents in the freezer. Ideally overnight – in the morning the muesli is frozen rock hard.

Serve it to your kids as breakfast and be happy about the irritated faces when the spoon is stuck and the breakfast cereal has to defrost.

2. Prank idea for children: wrong cake pops

Tasty tasty! Your children will be amazed if you surprise them with cake pops. After the first bite, the eyes get even bigger. Because instead of sweet cake batter they expect healthy “delicacies” such as cocktail tomatoes or Brussels sprouts under the chocolate glaze.

That’s how it’s done: Wash tomatoes or Brussels sprouts and pat dry. Boil Brussels sprouts in salted water for 10 minutes. Skew cocktail tomatoes or Brussels sprouts on cake pop stalks. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and glaze the vegetables with it. Decorate with colorful sugar sprinkles and let it harden for about an hour – ready to serve!

Tip: The Prank idea naturally also works for your partner or friends.

3. Prank idea: Sparkling milk pack as April Fool’s Day 2020

This prank is perfect for your roommates! If you grab milk in the morning, a refreshing fountain of water awaits you when you open it – and your gleeful laughter.

That’s how it’s done: Take an empty milk pack and unfold the bottom. Here you push a balloon into it. The balloon opening turns up at the round milk opening. Fill the balloon with water and screw the milk cap on. Into the fridge with the fake milk.

If one of your roommates turns on the milk pack, the water from the balloon splashes directly into his face. Epic!

4. Prank idea: hot milkshakes

If you try out several food prank ideas on your children or roommates, the arc will eventually be overstretched. That’s why you lure them with a normal milkshake this April Fool’s Day. The surprise is hidden in the innocent straw with which you garnish the shake.

That’s how it’s done: Prepare milkshake in a classic way.

If your prank victims react suspiciously, you recommend that they taste some of the milkshakes with their fingers. Or you can try the drink yourself – of course not out of a straw.

With this, you weigh them in false security. As soon as they forget all caution and drink from the straw, they experience their blue wonder. After all, you can soften the hotness of chili directly with the milk.

5. Prank idea: Nutella and toilet paper

One of the most popular April Fools’ jokes in 2020 is the toilet paper prank. Fits perfectly with the Hamster purchases for the Corona crisis.

That’s how it’s done: Take a position in the bathroom with a glass of Nutella. You should have a toilet paper roll in front of the door. Now call for your partner or your children to give you the toilet paper roll in the bathroom.

In the meantime, cover your hand with Nutella. With the dirty fingers, you reach for the helping hand from outside, so that the brown chocolate cream rubs off. Thank you for the toilet paper and happily wait for the disgusting scream from outside.

Variant: Fecal humor isn’t yours? Then you can use the Nutella Prank in a different form at a cozy movie night. Simply rub the inside edge of a chip bag with Nutella. Pass it on to your victim and look forward to it if you pull the fully pasted hand out of the bag.

6. Prank idea: flour bin

You could still buy some flour despite Corona? Perfect, because you need a little bit of it for the following garbage can prank.

That’s how it’s done: Attach a sheet of paper with adhesive strips to the inside of the lid and the inside edge of your pedal bin. The paper should be stretched when the trash can is open but should sag slightly when the lid is half-closed. Put some flour in this hammock made of paper and close the trash can.

As soon as your partner or roommate unsuspectingly enters the trash can, the paper is stretched and your victim is hit by the flour.

7. Prank idea: PC April fools

Many funny pranks can also be planned with the PC.

The classics are:

  • Mask the mouse sensor with adhesive tape and thereby deactivate it.
  • Set the font color in Word to white
  • Rotate the screen by 90 degrees (desktop right-click -> screen resolution -> landscape format rotated)

In 2014, the “Caged” app made the rounds. If you use Google Chrome as a browser, you can set that a picture of Nicolas Cage pops up with each new tab. Why? Because Nicolas Cage looks extremely ridiculous. No offense.

That’s how it’s done: Google and open the Chrome Web Store. After the “Caged” search and download the app. You can remove the Nicolas Cage Tag trap by opening the Chrome Web Store again, clicking “Caged” and selecting “Remove from Chrome”. Instead of “Caged”, you can also use the “Wikilas Cage” app to secure the actor’s weird appearances on Wikipedia.

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