5 tips to make a good homeschool during the quarantine

We know how difficult it can be to educate from home. Since many moms weren’t used to staying at home all day with the little ones, much less being teachers.

That is why today I want to tell you 5 tips to homeschool and educate your children during this quarantine, in order to avoid frustration in the attempt.

children studying

Remember that you are not alone!



You need to put fixed schedules to have greater order and organization.

I recommend that you have schedules for everything, from which you will occupy for Teach or check that they take their classes online, even activities at home, breaks, and meals.

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The place where your children will do work, homework, or have classes is essential since it will depend on this that they put their attention on what they will do.

Try to make it a place with:

* Good light

* Space to place your supplies

* Place where air flows

child's room


We know that it is not easy to educate and teach, but you must be calm, avoid getting frustrated, better be flexible.

If you are tough or too demanding your children may lose interest.

Ask them how they would like to learn, what subjects are difficult for them, what subjects are their favorites and little by little you will devise something according to the learning that your children require.



As we mentioned earlier, children have different abilities and gifts and therefore they learn in different ways.

Use your creativity to play games, dynamics, or crafts to help them learn better.

This time is ideal to test new methods and ways of learning, Don’t be afraid or overwhelmed!

girl doing slime


When a child goes to school, one of the promises they offer is to give children values, which is too important.

Once they have done their jobs and homework, give them time to do family activities and promoting values ​​at home, delegate team activities such as setting the table, picking up your room, making the bed, washing dishes, etc.

cooking as a family

I hope these tips are useful to you to carry out a comprehensive and appropriate education for your little ones.

I assure you that this time will be much more enjoyable and you will be able to learn a little about everything.

family cleaning

Tell me what methods have you used to educate your children from home during this quarantine.


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