5 fashion tips to boost your confidence

5 fashion tips to boost your confidence

Whether at work or for the first date – sometimes we lack self-confidence. Don’t worry, we have five fashion tips that are great self-confidence boosters.

1. Stylish & comfortable heels

High heels are a must-have for the femme fatal look. Provided you feel safe on the killer heels.

Our tip? Opt for feminine sandals or shoes with a square heel. So you master the sexy gait without losing your balance. We promise you it feels great and is guaranteed to look stylish.

2. Bright red lips

Which beauty product conjures up a sexy look in no time at all? Right, the red lipstick! It is best to get advice from the beautician so that you can find the right shade for your complexion. Whether day or night – a bright red lipstick is definitely an eye-catcher.

3. Glasses that reflect our personality

Glasses are definitely the fashion it piece par excellence! They give us the feeling of being more mature, safer and also more confident. Because if they fit our face perfectly, they can make our contours appear more advantageous. So that you don’t have to constantly switch between glasses and sunglasses in the summer, you should try dynamic transition glasses. They adapt perfectly to the light and can then be worn as sunglasses. Practically!

4. A tailored jacket

Let’s be honest: we love to hide our bacon behind an XXL coat. But stop it! Be proud of your silhouette and emphasize it with a tailored jacket. Whether with a pair of jeans or a figure-hugging shift dress – a sexy trench coat puts our curves in the perfect light.

6. Colors and prints

Strong colors such as red, blue, yellow or purple can push your ego enormously and provide more self-confidence. The same applies to prints of all kinds. Animal prints are particularly catchy.

Warning: Be sure to choose rich, bright colors. Tones that are too light quickly appear shy and reserved.

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