47 things you can do when you’re at home

47 things you can do when you're at home
47 things you can do when you're at home

It happens to you that you are at home and you don’t know what to do… you get bored, you get tired, you go around the kitchen a thousand times … Yes, those days can be quite boring. However, you have to turn that situation around, there are many things to do, and surely, your “I” of the future will thank you a lot.

Are you short of ideas? Nothing happens, today we bring you nothing more and nothing less than 47 ideas of things you can do when you are bored.

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Start creating a blog

This space of time is perfect to start your personal or professional blog and start sharing your ideas with the world in your own way and with your label. This can help you to grow in the future and even earn money from home.

Start a YouTube channel

If yours is a camera and video editing, a YouTube channel to tell the world about what interests you is an excellent idea to start gaining followers and having fun at the same time. You can also monetize it…

Update your resume

Has it happened to you that you have a last-minute job offer or should you send a proposal to a last-minute project so you have to run to update your CV? Avoid that for next time by updating your resume in those “gaps” of free time.

Start an online course about something you always wanted to learn

The Internet is a world of opportunities where you can learn for free and enjoy it at any time. Choose the topic that you like the most and open more doors in your life through education. Here are some resources that can help you:

Reconnect with the people who bring value to your life

When you could go out all the time and there were always a thousand to-do lists, it was more difficult to keep in touch with people, now is the time to take up those spaces to know more about your loved ones, call them and “catch up” as in the old times.

Reserve a space of the day to meditate

The fact that we may have a little more free time than before does not mean that our heads are completely clear, in fact, now more than ever, the “media epidemic” can be a constant distraction. Luckily you can always reserve a space to meditate and observe your thoughts without judging them until you recover your calm.

Read a book

Get into that novel that you left in the middle about two months ago and that you surely don’t remember much or if you are a regular reader, make a list of those books that you always wanted to read and didn’t give you time, now is the time!

Organize photos and other files on your computer

Nothing more pleasant than a computer with all the files in order, now there are no excuses to have the desktop and folders from head to toe.

Do the same on your cell phone

Are you one of those who have a constant notification that your memory is almost full that touches your nose a little, but still do not dedicate yourself to emptying it a little? Once again: there are no excuses, go for it.

Learn the basics of programming

Programming moves the world today and is one of those skills that can save your working life even in an economically unpromising landscape. Even if you are not interested in fully developing a programming career, having some basic notions already sets you apart from the average.

Research new travel blogs

Are you an inveterate traveler, but right now the panorama does not favor you much? Rest assured, you are not alone or alone in this, however, we can still travel a little through the screen thanks to the numerous number of travel blogs that abound on the internet. Even at you can find endless travel-related items that will surely inspire the destinations you visit when we return to normal.

Start learning a new language

Do you always say that you are going to learn a new language and never get on with it? Go ahead, it is your opportunity to do it in a self-taught way from the comfort of your home. Here are some resources to get you started:

Start working on your “personal brand”

The personal brand is a resource that can serve as an ally in your professional career. This is an excellent opportunity to start developing yours. Here we tell you how to start.

Support an entrepreneur or independent artist

Small entrepreneurs and independent artists are often very economically affected by these types of situations that also get out of hand. Do you have the opportunity to support them in any way? Don’t hesitate to do it and / or at least refer other people to do it.

Make a list of recipes you’re interested in cooking and test your cooking skills

Sometimes we fall into always cooking the same recipes, is it finally time to break the culinary routine? We believe so!

Review your belongings to get rid of what you don’t need

We end up accumulating too many things over time that today may not have the same use as when we acquired them. Take the time to say goodbye to what you did not even remember you had.

Exercise It is time to move your body!

No need to go to the gym, there are millions of internet available free exercise routines that can be used to train your body at home.

Take a photography challenge at home

What do you have to go out to take good photos? Not at all! A real photographer knows that the perfect photo can be waiting anywhere. Train your perspective by doing a fun photo challenge at home. At a minimum you are going to exercise creativity. Here are some resources:

Improve your LinkedIn profile

Surely you already know how important it is to use LinkedIn to access a job. Why don’t you spend some time on improving your LinkedIn profile and have more possibilities of accessing a job or connecting with new professionals?

Make a puzzle that makes you feel proud

You already know those puzzles that have so many pieces that make you wonder “Who has time to put this together?” Well, now you might be the one who has time to put that together. If you have any accumulating dust at home, it is a good recommendation to hang out and feel proud at the end.

Do some online volunteer activity

There are many online platforms where you can become a digital volunteer in your spare time, contributing and collaborating thanks to your skills.

Compare the size between countries

This web. It is too curious and we assure you that you will have a good time watching it.

Set your space in a more sustainable way

There is always a way to be more sustainable and friendly to the environment from our spaces.

Watch a documentary about a country you don’t know

If you are passionate about travel, travel through the screen with a documentary from a country that makes you curious. You can find many free documentaries on YouTube, and even on many websites.

Find a new topic to obsess over

Sporadic obsessions with a particular theme are a way of learning a lot in a short time. What is that topic that you always wanted to investigate better, but you had not had the time?

Do yoga

Have you ever tried yoga? Practicing yoga has multiple benefits such as: it reduces anxiety and stress, increases the quality of sleep, improves academic performance, strengthens muscles and bones, relieves pain, improves breathing… You can start trying them.

When you spend all day on top of work slopes it is very difficult to have time to plan what we eat. If for a long time you wanted to start a diet or take more care of your diet, this is an unmissable opportunity because you will not always be tempted to eat outside.

Organize your music library by playlists

How about you order your playlists in creative ways? You can divide your favorite songs to start the day, exercise, disconnect, dance, concentrate… it’s the best!

Make a list of the things you would like to do

One of the best exercises to meet your goals is to make a list and list them. You can spend time creating your list of things you would like to do and date it. On trips, for example, the list of places you would like to visit is called bucket list.

Participate in an online contest

Research online contests that you can participate in to challenge yourself in your spare time and demonstrate your skills.

Create a Podcast

If you are looking forward to having your own radio show, why not create a Podcast. If you have a computer and internet connection, you don’t need more to start.

Try to create your own Instagram filter

Instagram filters are increasingly fashionable, curiously they are not as difficult to create as you imagine and usually bring new followers to your profile. Do you sign up for the idea? We want to see your creation!

Make a vision board

Creating a vision board is one of the best tools you can use to achieve what you have always wanted. A vision board is a collage of images, photos, and affirmations of your dreams, goals, and things that make you happy.

Learn financial education

A good financial education is essential these days to get the most out of your money and not have problems with money. Find out how you can save money, or even multiply it.

Dance like there’s no tomorrow

Dancing is an ideal way to elevate your mood. You can even learn a few steps on YouTube and dance to your favorite music.

Enjoy a relaxing bath

Spend a little time with yourself, taking care of yourself and relaxing. You can play music, light some candles and bathe. Use those bath salts that you have stored in the drawer and create that atmosphere that looks like you are in a Hamman.

Download apps that may be useful to you

You can always discover new applications that can surprise you. New useful apps appear every day. Take a look to see which one you are surprised with.


And if we use this time to give us a makeover. Maybe a new haircut? Gather ideas about what you would like to implement in yourself.

Read a good newsletter

Let’s see, maybe the general news makes it seem like the end of the world and we can’t stop reading completely since we have to report responsibly, but not absolutely everything is bad. If you need a break from the usual media coverage, google “good news bulletin” to cheer you up a bit.

Clean up your email

Mail is another of those spaces where things that we ignore over time accumulate: subscriptions to newsletters that we do not read, online store advertising, discount codes that we never use, etc… It is time to unsubscribe from what only causes noise.

Clean your social networks

It never hurts to take a look at your social networks and delete all those photos that do not help you in your professional profile. It may be time to get your brand to work.

Make a language exchange

Fortunately, the internet offers us thousands of options to practice languages ​​and learn about other cultures without leaving home.

Do you have canine pets? Teach them a new trick

There is nothing that impresses people more than the fact that your canine friend knows how to do fun tricks. Find out how to train him to impress.

Talk to your friends from other countries to tell you their perspective on the world scene

If you are a traveler and / or you like to meet people, you have more than one contact abroad. It is a perfect opportunity to learn new perspectives on world events beyond what the news shares.

Start keeping a journal

It is not necessary to write exactly daily if you do not feel like it, but keeping a record of your thoughts, reflections, and experiences during this time can be very interesting and beneficial for your mental health.

Ask yourself what is your personal role in this scenario

What is your responsibility as a person in this situation? Is there anything you can do to change the landscape a bit at least within the circle in which you move? These questions are super important to stimulate reflection.

Take a space of the day to disconnect from the news world and do some of these activities

The most important thing: knowing how to take distance, not only in the physical sense but also digital to avoid the loop we fall into because we are hooked on the media side of the matter. It is our responsibility to keep you informed, but also to know how to balance between personal activities and watch the news.

And you? What things have you done when you are bored when you are at home? Have you tried something on this list yet? Are there things you plan to do? Give us ideas too!

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