4 sports you can practice with your dog

4 sports you can practice with your dog

Agility, canicross, herding, mantrailing … do you think any of these terms? If not, you could be missing an opportunity to have fun exercising with your best friend.

If you have a dog and you care about your health and yours, a very good idea is to play sports together.

Depending on the physical conditions of the breed and/or age of the dog, there are some sports more recommended than others. However, it is best to speak with the veterinarian to indicate if your pet is suitable or not to perform the exercise you choose and to guide you on how to start practicing it.


In this sport, a guide directs his dog through a series of obstacles, which the dog must overcome as accurately and cleanly as possible, all without leash, toys or incentives.

The dog only has the help of his guide (his voice instructions and gestures) to make the route, which is always sought to be complex enough so that no dog can walk them alone. In its competitive modality, it competes against the clock and it is a judge who designs the order of the circuit to travel.


Technically, it is nothing more than running with your dog, except that man and animal are united during the race through a harness, a belt for the runner and a cushioned line of fire.

The competitive modality, however, adds a series of rules: the dog must be older than one year, overcome a veterinary control and not show behaviors considered dangerous. The runner, meanwhile, can never go ahead of his furry partner.


It is the only sport on this list that does not require two species but three: man, dog … and sheep.

In summary, herding is to be grazing with lifelong dogs, but for purely sporting purposes and not for livestock exploitation: the goal is to teach the dog to control the herd and develop their natural instincts.

Any breed of sheepdog can practice it, but specialists in this discipline tend to resort to the Border Collie.


If a typical occupation of dogs such as grazing can be turned into a mere sport, it will not be less the search and location of people through smell.

The mantrailing, which is what this sporting modality is called, is characterized by exploiting the natural olfactory capacity that all dogs (yes, yours too) possess, and they can perform at any age. In addition, you will not need any expensive material to carry it out.

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