What do doctors do when they are sick?

They deal with other people’s illnesses all day – but how sensitive are doctors when they have symptoms of illness themselves? And how do you deal with it? Various doctors are currently discussing this on the page “Reddit”. So much can be said in advance: Even doctors can be quite self-pitying!

Doctors do this when they feel sick

1. Stay at home

“A friend of mine works as a doctor and always diagnoses herself. And she also reports sick because she doesn’t want to infect others. Your colleagues do the same and understand them. “

2. Go to another doctor

“I’m a urologist. Shaving I once noticed a knot “down there” and immediately knew what it was and that it had to be removed. It was scary how quickly the thing had grown: you just feel a little hardening on one day and a whole knot the next. A day later I went to the ultrasound, where the tumor was confirmed, the next day my own boss operated on it. “

3. Stubborn

“I whine my wife who is also a doctor. And then I refuse any medication that she offers me. “

4. Expect the worst

“I am an emergency doctor – my specialty is that I always assume the worst case and try not to miss anything when I examine my patients. Unfortunately, when it comes to myself, I do it that way. ”

5. Just throw in the computer tomography

“My father is a radiologist. He suffered from shortness of breath and chest tightness for months, which got worse and worse. One day he made a computed tomography himself after the clinic closed and then evaluated the report. Almost all of the lymph nodes in his body were swollen considerably – he had lymphoma. Today he’s healthy after diagnosing himself! ”

6. Be fit for the shift again

“My wife is a surgeon. As soon as her shift starts, something magical happens: She is no longer sick, but 100 percent fit. After the shift, she gets sick again. Must have something to do with a strange space-time anomaly. ”

7. Show feelings

“I am a veterinarian. When my own pets get sick, I turn into a useless, howling idiot. Fortunately, I have great colleagues who I can turn to. ”

It’s kind of good to know that doctors can be really difficult patients, right? In any case, we find these confessions pleasantly human!

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