Wear a mask in the car? Beware of punishment!

Wear a mask in the car? Beware of punishment!
Wear a mask in the car? Beware of punishment!

Are you still driving a lot at the moment and also wear a mask when driving? This is not good in all cases and can lead to a fine in individual cases.

We are trying to shed some light on this because there are different cases and some can hope for a room for interpretation. The state health ministry says: “Police officers have to decide, depending on the individual case, whether there has been a violation that has been fined.”

The different cases

Are you driving alone in the car? Then you shouldn’t wear a mask. Alone, because you don’t really have a reason for it. “Anyone driving a motor vehicle must not cover or cover their face in such a way that they are no longer recognizable.” If you should put on sunglasses now, it will be critical if you e.g. be flashed. It is therefore better to remove the mask when driving and only put it back on when you leave the car. Then you are on the safe side.

Do you drive in the car with other people from your household/family? Since you usually do not have to wear a mask in your family circle when no one is ill, you as a driver should rather do without it here.

Are you in a car with someone other than your household? The first thing to say about the use of the car by someone other than a household (e.g. mother, father): “The use of the car is only permitted alone or in the circle of members of your own household”. According to lawyer Michael Winter, however, this statement is not well-founded, since it goes beyond the requirements of the decision document of the federal and state governments, which state that contact with another person outside the household is permitted. Back to wearing the mask in the car when other people are driving: It should be noted that this is permitted in individual cases or that one can hope for the goodwill of the police here. If you wear a mask, in this case, you should make sure that the rest of your face (i.e. the eye area) is visible. If this is not possible either, for example, because the sun is too dazzling, you can also hope for goodwill here. Someone who wears a mask for health reasons is less likely to fear punishment.

It becomes critical if you are still wearing sunglasses due to the sun’s rays, maybe even have the sun visor folded down and are no longer recognizable. Then it depends on the goodwill and the reasoning in the individual case. It is more important here to ensure safe traffic. So if you are flashed in such a case, it can result in a fine.

However, this does not apply to all federal states. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, wearing masks while driving seems to be tolerated as long as there are corona regulations.

Are you driving a taxi, are you a bus driver or are you delivering packages? Then other rules apply. For example, taxi drivers don’t have to wear a mask, passengers do. People in commercial passenger traffic alone in the car are exempt from the mask rule, according to the Department of Health. So you can wear a mask. If the sunglasses or visor or a cap with a visor that covers the area around the eyes comes into play, it could also result in a fine.

In the end, you should always give priority to road safety! It is surely more important to wear glasses and avoid an accident when the sunlight is too bright than to be afraid of a fine.

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