Study: In this phase, the risk of depression increases in women

The risk of depression increases significantly, especially in postmenopause. This is confirmed by a new study.

Depressive moods are not uncommon in menopause

Menopause appears to be associated with an increased risk of depression. This is confirmed by a new study published in the journal of the “North American Menopause Society”, a non-profit health organization.

The reason: With the decrease in hormone production during menopause, women are more susceptible to a number of psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, and inner restlessness. The study examined 485 women, all of whom were in the final stage of menopause, namely postmenopause. Almost 41 percent of them had symptoms of depression.


“The results are consistent with the existing literature and underline the high incidence of depressive symptoms in middle-aged women, especially women who have already been affected by anxiety or chronic illnesses,” explained scientist Stephanie Faubion.

Physical activity protects against depression

By the way: Finnish researchers also clarified in one published in April 2020 study found that “postmenopausal women had more depressive symptoms than peri- or premenopausal women”. But physical activity can have a positive effect on mental wellbeing. “Physically active women had fewer depressive symptoms and were happier with life than inactive women,” said study author Dmitriy Bondarev. Being active during the transition to menopause can help to minimize the negative impact of menopause on the psyche.

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