Stay relaxed despite Coronavirus: The coach advises

Stay relaxed despite Coronavirus: The coach advises
Stay relaxed despite Coronavirus: The coach advises

Nobody ordered it, nobody wants it and yet we all have to live with it now. Coronavirus, If it consoles you, it affects me too and I don’t find it funny either. The new decade had started so well for me personally. I had opened a new practice, was happy and full of drive. My customers were happy with the new environment and I felt that the upswing was in the air. Joy! But then everything was different.

Feeling from one day to the next, all circumstances have changed. People are unsettled. Shutdown at every nook and corner. And then the empty shelves in supermarkets and drug stores. Is the end nearing now? And if so, what will become of all the hoarded rolls of paper that now have a dark existence in many basements?

For example, I wasn’t prepared for the total sale of toilet paper. Damn it, if I had known that, we might have had a chic “popo toilet” installed in our bathroom renovation last year. Now they are definitely out of print. But that’s just a guess of mine.

But joking aside, how should we deal with such a situation we are not used to? How can we get through this together?

I firmly believe that it is very helpful to focus on the positive sides of this very negative development right now. Because negative thoughts always generate negative feelings. Before you think now, she probably doesn’t have them all, but everything is terrible, I ask you to pause for a moment.

I am now also struggling with the losses and restrictions that this virus has imposed on us. I also felt overwhelmed by it. Here’s a little example I’m really not proud of. My first thought when my partner told me that he was now in the home office was not: “Oh, how nice, then I always have him with me.” Not at all! My first thought was: “Please don’t, then I have to cook extensively every day.” After I had mentally adjusted to the new situation, I went shopping, because my kitchen supplies were not designed for daily men-appropriate nutrition. I am more from the group “Vegetables are my meat”.

At least during the week, when my partner eats, as I can say, in a very good canteen. Shortly before I could enter the supermarket, I met a friend. You don’t believe what she said to me. “My husband and son will be home next week, now I have to put three meals on the table every day.” The facial expression was accordingly enthusiastic.

On my way home, which I covered on foot, the following thoughts came to my mind: What is wrong with us? Aren’t we women often overworked because we constantly have to tear ourselves up between family appointments? Now we all have men on board, no shoulder leads and then we don’t like it either. Something seems to be out of joint at our point of view. From my own experience, of course, I know what it means to be a working mother and always have to reconcile everything.

In addition to work, childcare presents us with enormous logistical challenges. And we cannot all in the Home office work. Home office seems to be the magic solution for everything these days anyway. Of course it is not. No, there are many problems that we have to deal with now. And many fears that we have to face. That cannot be praised either.

But one thing is certain: the time of Coronavirus and the associated obstacles last as long as it lasts. It will not pass faster. No matter whether we spend it laughing or crying.

And that’s where we should start. We should try to concentrate on the beautiful things in this really difficult time. This requires some creativity, but you definitely have it. After all, you are a woman.

I have now found a nice solution for my partner and me that allows us to enjoy this time a bit. We take a little walk together after lunch (otherwise we can only do this on weekends) and are happy that we can still do so at the moment. And every evening we don’t see the news today as usual at 7:00 p.m., but instead conduct an autogenic training together (relaxation can never be wrong). At 8:00 p.m. we bring the daily news up to date and then watch a cheerful film.

I am absolutely certain that you will also find the right program for you and your family. I hope you enjoy the implementation!

At this point, I do not want to make any relaxation suggestions that I am used to.

Today I would rather send all of us some wishes:

  • May we all stay healthy.
  • May we not lose loved ones to this disease.
  • May we all be there for each other as best we can.
  • May we find new rituals for ourselves and our loved ones in this exceptional situation.
  • May we reflect on other values ​​in times of financial losses.
  • May we rediscover a hobby that may have been unused for a long time.
  • May we all emerge stronger and happier from this time.

So that this virus was at least something good.

I greet you warmly and try to stay relaxed.

Written by Editorial Staff

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