Signs that you already had Coronavirus

Have you had any of these (nondescript) symptoms in the past few weeks? 

Signs that you already had Coronavirus

We now know that it is possible to suffer from the coronavirus but not have any noticeable symptoms. Most sufferers develop a fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. But there are also patients who have less noticeable symptoms, says Dr. Daniel Atkinson, clinical director of

These small signs may also indicate that you have already had the coronavirus:

First of all: If you have discovered one of these symptoms or find that you have had it in the past few weeks, keep calm and continue to watch how you are doing. If in doubt and/or if you experience any other symptoms, call your doctor.

Runny nose, sore throat, mucous cough

You feel slightly grippy, but since you don’t have a fever and the cough is slimy rather than dry, do you think you don’t have a corona? Of course, that can be true. But it doesn’t have to. Because even these mild symptoms can occur with an infection with the coronavirus. The crux: right now we also have allergy time. So, many people right now could confuse the symptoms of an allergy with those of Corona.

Nothing taste or smell and little appetite

The coffee suddenly tastes of nothing, the sharpness of the Thai curry doesn’t seem to bother you, and you’re not too hungry? According to Dr. Atkinson has so far not fully researched why some corona patients can no longer smell or taste and others cannot. But if you have discovered this symptom per se, it could be a possible indication that you already have Corona. It is exactly the same when you suddenly lose your appetite.

Extreme fatigue

This symptom could also be an indication that you have or have already had corona. Have you been incredibly tired in the past few days or weeks and could hardly pull yourself up to anything? When the body is fighting an illness, it draws us energy. We need to rest and sleep more often so that our immune system can do its job. So it could be a sign of Corona, or you are just getting rid of something.

Reddened, inflamed eyes

Conjunctivitis can result from allergies or simply because we have infected our eye with something that it cannot tolerate. In fact, red eyes and inflammation of the conjunctiva can also be a symptom of the coronavirus.

Body aches

Perhaps you attribute your aching muscles to the fact that you have exercised more than usual in the past few weeks. Body pain can also be a symptom of the coronavirus. Observe how you are otherwise and whether there are any other symptoms.

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