Real facts about the coronavirus that will make you feel safe

Real facts about the coronavirus that will make you feel safe (Covid-19)
Real facts about the coronavirus that will make you feel safe

The coronavirus has managed to unleash collective hysteria. However, a question comes to mind: what are the real chances of becoming infected with COVID-19 disease?

Cases worldwide have increased rapidly. Therefore, the WHO (World Health Organization) decided to declare an international alert. However, we must know what this point means and, above all, how likely it is to affect you.

The following information is based on real numbers and aims to reassure people concerned about a possible pandemic due to the virus. It is part of an investigation carried out by Nas Daily CompanyThe best remedy is to know the numbers because they are never wrong.

The number of people currently sick with coronavirus

The number of people currently sick with coronavirus, via Yahoo Finance
The number of people currently sick with coronavirus, via Yahoo Finance

About 80,000 people are the carriers of COVID-19. Although it is a somewhat high number, 77,000 of them are in China. Therefore, if you are not from this country, there is a 96% chance that you will not be infected.

In the event that, under certain circumstances, you get it, in 81% of cases the symptoms are mild. In 14%, they are moderate. In fact, only 5% of cases can be critical. That is, it is quite likely that you will recover.

In the unlikely event that you are among these critical cases, if we compare COVID-19 with SARS, with a fatality of 10%, the first only has a 2% fatality. Which means that it is 5 times less deadly than the second.

Inside the numbers

Another one of the things that we must take into account is age. With this factor in hand, the chances of dying decrease markedly. His personality index in people under 50 is 0.2%.

Therefore, we should all know these numbers. In this way, hysteria would not take over the population. It should be known that almost all people who have contracted the coronavirus can recover.

In case you are less than 50 years old and do not live in China, you are much more likely to win the lottery (1 probability between 45 million), to which you die because of COVID-19.

More data about the virus

The worst day to date on the virus was last February 10. This day 108 people, who came mostly from China, died due to the disease. Although it is a horrible number, that same day cancer killed 26,283 people; heart problems at 24,641; Diabetes at 4,300. In addition, suicide claimed the lives of 27.7 more people than the coronavirus.

How to prevent COVID-19 coronavirus

To prevent getting the virus, the rules are simple:

  • Wash your hands constantly to prevent its spread
  • Don’t sneeze openly, according to the Center for Disease Prevention Control (CDC), this is the most likely way to get it
  • To prevent it effectively, it is recommended to stay away from crowds

The myth of the masks

This is the prevention measure of which we are most uninformed. And it is a problem. According to the CDC, if people are not sick, it is not necessary to use them. Its main purpose is not to spread it. That is, only those who feel they are going to get sick and don’t want to sneeze on others should use them.

Thanks to this research, based on numbers, we can conclude that, to this day, there is no reason to enter into collective hysteria because of the coronavirus.

Something we must do is use COVID-19 to remember that health is always important and not only when we are afraid. A bad diet, drunk driving, excessive smoking, etc. They are causing more deaths than this new virus.

We must also emphasize that the coronavirus should never be a reason that causes racism. Many are the people who use it to separate the Chinese people. And this is something that should not happen in any case.

If there is something we must do, it is to flee from the false news and fight together against the virus. As a lesson, the following stand out life must be appreciated every day, we never know when it may be the last.

In a few months, we hope that those affected are safe and we can proudly say that we all did what was in our power to fight COVID-19, never between us.

Written by Editorial Staff

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